Yubii health home, the new multiprotocol health home automation box from Fibaro?


Nice, which as a reminder had bought Fibaro in 2018, has just announced Yubii health home, a “new smart health home experience”, which allows the comfort and security of a health home to be controlled through a single hub. The Yubii health home health home automation box is the first gateway that links Nice, FIBARO and elero technologies (by the end of the year), and which is open to the integration of third-party devices thanks to its compatibility with Z-Wave protocols. and WiFi.

Nice has been trying for a long time to offer its own interoperable health home automation solution. Yubii was also announced in the summer of 2019 as the Nice ecosystem for the Smart health home. Since then, the Italian manufacturer has not stopped working on its solution, to today offer a central hub under the name of Yubii health home.

Yubii health home, open and multiprotocol

This is the announced strength of this box, therefore compatible with several health home automation protocols and third-party smart health connected objects, which makes it compatible with more than 3,000 devices from other brands! Without having the complete list, we already know that the Yubii health home is compatible with Fibaro, Nice, Elero devices, but also with Zwave devices (so many manufacturers), Hikvision, Sonos, Philips, Yale, Bose, Dahua, as well as than IFTTT (and therefore still many manufacturers and services). The technical sheet also indicates the presence of the frequencies 433 and 868 Mhz.

Be careful though: the press release tells us that this new system can support an IP camera and up to 5 devices via the cloud, which may not seem like much ?!

This new system makes it possible to receive data from the various sensors, to process them and to interact according to the information collected.

The user can, for example, program the lights so that they come on in the morning, open the garage door or create the desired atmosphere thanks to the various lighting adjustment possibilities. The result is a unique, personal, intelligent and comfortable environment that meets everyone’s needs.

Yubii health home is also a health home automation box that allows users to control their entire smart health home using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri voice assistants.

The strengths of Yubii health home are not only the comfort and simplification of daily activities, but also and above all the emphasis on sustainability, savings and well-being.

In line with the company’s green strategy, one of the goals of Yubii health home is to minimize the environmental impact of homes by intelligently controlling heating and lighting, monitoring electrical appliances to reduce their consumption. Small daily actions that can have a big impact on the environment but also on the family budget.

Well-being also becomes paramount, thanks to humidity control, smart heating, air quality measurement, carbon monoxide detection and notification of hazardous situations, to ensure the right environmental conditions for the health home at all times.

  • Lighting: Thanks to motion sensors, electric micromodules and intelligent automatic controls, there is no longer a need to constantly turn on and off lights throughout the house.
  • Security: A wide range of flood, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, door / window sensors and cameras allow the interior to be protected reliably and continuously against any danger, even invisible.
  • Heating: Yubii health home allows the user to manage the comfort in each room through the control of smart thermostatic valves, thermostats, wall outlets and WiFi interfaces for air conditioning.
  • Gate and garage doors: Yubii health home is compatible with automated gates and garage doors, so the user can control their closing and opening remotely.
  • Solar protection solutions: The user has the option of automating roller shutters, blinds and pergolas to the Yubii health home system in order to intelligently manage natural light and increase the energy efficiency of the house.
  • Electricity: Thanks to smart sockets and switches smart health connected to devices such as the dishwasher, washing machine or oven, Yubii health home can turn them on or off when needed, monitoring and measure their energy consumption, and protect the house against electrical overloads. For low voltage devices, the Smart Implant is a miniaturized module that makes all types of objects intelligent, even the oldest.

What positioning for the Yubii health home?

box yubii

Connoisseurs will have easily recognized the Fibaro application, rebranded under the name “Yubii”. But that’s not all: the Yubii health home is the twin of the Fibaro health home Center 3 Lite, recently launched at € 129. It’s hard to say if the interior is identical, but in view of the characteristics, they seem very, very similar, the compatibility with the objects smart health connected in Wifi being only a software problem, and not hardware.

A priori, this Yubii health home could be inserted between the HC 3 Lite and the HC 3. A “middle” of the range in a way. The interest may not be very clear at the moment, especially since we do not yet know the price or the exact date of availability. We will therefore have to wait to learn more about this new solution!


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