When you hear the term “Botox” you might think of smooth faces and wrinkle-free skin. That is not surprising, because Botox has been popular among the rich and famous for a long time, especially as a cosmetic procedure. Nowadays, Botox is also increasingly used by “ordinary people”. And no, that’s not always for cosmetic reasons! With Botox you can do much more than just polish away wrinkles. For example, did you know that Botox can be used against teeth grinding? And against excessive sweating? In this article, in collaboration with the Van Rosmalen Kliniek, I explain seven complaints and problems against which you can use Botox.

What is Botox?

In a previous blog I wrote about the accidental discovery and effect of Botox. Botox was discovered by accident by a Canadian ophthalmologist who treated patients for eye spasm and noticed that the patients’ foreheads suddenly became very smooth. The brand name Botox is an abbreviation of Botulinum Toxin. Botulinum Toxin is a natural protein that can block nerve impulses. This product is injected highly diluted into the skin to reduce the activity of certain muscles.

How does a Botox treatment work?

A Botox treatment consists of a small number of injections, which are virtually painless. Botox is local and only affects the injected site. The effect of Botox is not immediately visible and palpable. It only starts to take effect about 48 hours after the treatment, with the end result being visible and palpable after a maximum of two weeks.
The effect of Botox is temporary, because it is broken down naturally by the body. After an average of three to six months, the Botox wears off. The elaboration process is gradual and the strength in the treated muscles will slowly return. If you undergo regular treatments, the substance will remain active longer and you will be able to enjoy the result for longer.

You can solve these 7 complaints with Botox

Because Botox can block nerve impulses and relax muscles, it works well as a remedy for complaints or problems caused by excessive stimulation of nerves or muscle strain. Botox can therefore be used both cosmetically and medically. So it is actually a matter of relaxing the right muscles.

1. Botox for headaches

Are you tightening your forehead all day and are you unable to relax this area? There is a good chance that you will suffer from tension headaches. Because Botox relaxes muscles, a treatment works well against tension headaches and migraines. Tension headache is the most common headache and can be recognized by a feeling of pressure around the head. This can be accompanied by pain in the neck and shoulders.
During a Botox treatment for headaches, several small injections are placed in the muscles of the forehead. Before treatment, the doctor first checks which muscles are causing the headache; usually these are the muscles between the eyebrows (the well-known frown), on the temples and the muscles on the forehead itself. The treatment ensures that the muscles relax, so that you can no longer tense them. The fact that Botox immediately helps to fade the wrinkles in the forehead is a bonus!

2. Botox against clenched jaws & gritted teeth

Many people suffer from teeth grinding or clenching jaws, also called bruxism. This often happens unconsciously or during sleep. Bruxism can lead to tooth wear, pain in the jaw muscle, head and neck pain and a wider jaw. Because of the grinding of the teeth and the clenching of the jaws, the chewing muscles are continuously used and trained. This makes the chewing muscles bigger and you can get a wide jaw.
By injecting Botox into the chewing muscles, these muscles are temporarily relaxed. Because the chewing muscles will relax, the grinding or clamping will stop. Because the muscles are used less, the muscles shrink and the wider jawline is softened. The head and neck pain complaints will also decrease or even disappear due to the Botox treatment.
Although the chewing muscles relax, the treatment has no further effect on your jaw joint or mouth; you can still move your mouth, talk, eat well. Also not unimportant!

3. Botox against drooping corners of the mouth

As we age, the strength in certain muscles decreases or increases. The stronger a muscle gets, the more forcefully it will pull. This pulling motion can cause features of the face to be pulled down, such as the corners of the mouth. The drooping corners of the mouth are also caused by skin aging and can give you a stern, grumpy look. The skin in the mouth area loses elasticity and volume over the years, causing the corners of the mouth to droop.
With the help of a Botox treatment you can lift the drooping corners of the mouth again. Small injections of Botox just under the mouth can relax the pulling muscles. This will bring the corners of the mouth horizontal again.

4. Botox for drooping eyebrows

Drooping eyebrows are also mainly caused by well-trained muscles. With drooping eyebrows, the eyebrows are pulled down by the muscles around the eyes and forehead. This can give you a gloomy look. By relaxing these muscles, the eyebrows are lifted.

5. Botox for chin creases and chin pits

If you have a small jaw or chin, the muscle in the chin area may be overactive. When that muscle tightens too much, chin folds, chin pits or even an orange peel skin can form in the chin.
By relaxing the chin muscle with Botox, folds or pits are smoothed out, as it were. The muscle relaxes, allowing the chin to regain its smooth, relaxed shape. In addition, the pores are refined, which will reduce sebum production and make redness or even acne on the chin disappear. This way you can tackle multiple problems with one treatment.

6. Botox for Scars

Did you know that Botox is increasingly being used in the treatment of scars? Research has shown that Botox has a beneficial effect on wound healing, which means that a Botox treatment for a fresh wound or a fresh scar can ensure that the wound heals better.
The moment you have a wound, our body ensures that it heals and a scar is created. During the wound healing process, our connective tissue cells ensure that the wound will close by creating new tissue. Excessive scar tissue is caused by impaired wound healing, in which the fibroblasts become too excited and so an excess of scar tissue is formed.
Fibroblasts are the most important cells in our connective tissue and are also responsible for the production of collagen. Normally we are of course big fans of collagen; after all, it keeps the skin tight and elastic. But if too much collagen is produced, a scar can look red and thickened. Sometimes the scar can feel painful.
This is where Botox can come into play. Botox inhibits the overactive fibroblasts and thus the production of collagen. By injecting Botox, a scar heals thinner and more beautiful. It ensures that the scar will become more even in color and structure, and in some cases can even be used to prevent capsulation.

7. Botox against excessive sweating

Nothing is more annoying than when you don’t feel comfortable. When you sweat excessively, this can cause insecurity and can have a significant impact on your social life. Excessive sweating often occurs under the armpits, in the palms of the hands and under the feet. Both men and women can suffer from excessive sweating.
Botox also offers a solution against excessive perspiration. It blocks the functioning of the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands, so that sweat production is slowed down. During a Botox treatment against sweating, about 15 small Botox injections are placed in the armpit. A Botox Dry treatment is virtually painless because the armpits are first rubbed with anesthetic cream. This treatment is over after about half an hour. After about a week you will notice that sweat production has already decreased; goodbye sloshing armpits, hello confidence!

Do you suffer from one of these complaints or problems, and do you want to know whether a Botox treatment is suitable for you? Then visit a good clinic with NVCG certified doctors. This way you can be sure that you are treated safely by an experienced doctor and that your face is in good hands!

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