Does yoga help with wrinkles? A very interesting question! Read all about it in this yoga anti-aging special.

Me & Yoga

For years I have ventured into the most diverse yoga poses. At first hesitantly, but ‘they’ said that it would be good for me and that I had to persevere. Ohhh…, I can still remember those first times so well. As stiff as a board myself, while around me all kinds of nimble chicks in cool, brightly colored leggings easily put their legs behind their necks. Of course I wanted that too! We are now a few years further and I no longer turn my hand around for a smooth ‘downward facing dog’ and I love ‘the pigeon’. I don’t just do yoga because I like it, but it also gives a lot of benefits.

The benefits of yoga

Yoga is very good for your body and mind. It strengthens your body, makes it supple, strengthens your balance and ensures that you can relax properly. I notice that my body likes it and that it makes me stronger. Moreover, after an hour of ‘flowing’ I am always completely relaxed. It also does a lot for flexibility. For example, tying shoelaces or grabbing something off the ground is just that little bit smoother.

Yoga and anti-aging

Yoga is not only ideal for moving through life relaxed and smooth. It has been proven that yoga contributes to maintaining a youthful face for longer. Yes, you read that right: yoga is also an ideal anti-aging remedy! You may also know a yoga teacher who is now entitled to state pension, but still looks amazingly glowing and blushing. See below how that works exactly.

Yoga reduces wrinkle formation

The elasticity of your skin suffers from stress, which can cause wrinkles to appear earlier. You can also raise your forehead or frown due to stress. This gives you, for example, those milled gullies just above your eyes. But with yoga you relax the whole thing, which makes wrinkles less likely. For example, a study in India showed that people’s stress levels plummeted by 9% after just 10 days of yoga practice. Less stress = fewer wrinkles.

Anti-aging hormones

Hormones affect aging. Some hormones, such as DHEA (the mother hormone) and HGH (growth hormones) have a positive influence on the aging process. Various research in America and India has shown that yoga and meditation provide a remarkable increase in DHEA and HGH. This makes you age less quickly. But that’s not all. On the other hand, yoga and meditation also lower Cortisol, the stress hormone. The result is a smoother face, because less stress means fewer wrinkles, remember? Smear that with your anti-aging cream!

Look at me working on those wrinkles!

youthful glow

Yoga further promotes blood circulation. So does the circulation to your skin, which definitely reaps the benefits. Because the blood supply improves, you get a beautiful youthful glow on your face. And of course we all want young, shiny apple cheeks!


I think it should be clear that yoga is really good for you. Not only for your body and mind, but also for maintaining a youthful face. I am convinced it works. And Katja Schuurman swears by it too. She revealed to Anti-Aging Secret that daily yoga is one of her beauty secrets. So if you are not regularly on the yoga mat yet, you know what to do. By the way, tomorrow is “International Yoga Day”, an extra reason to stretch and twist. Namaste!

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