Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T Review: the new benchmark for less than € 200

Since arriving  in June 2018, the Chinese Xiaomi has multiplied the announcements at a frantic pace. And there is something for all tastes and budgets. For the holiday season, the Chinese giant is launching the Redmi Note 8T, a model sold at 199.90 dollars.We tested the Redmi Note 8T for several days. Here is our review of the Redmi Note 8T.

Design and screen

At first glance, this Redmi Note 8T in Review seems fairly classic. Rather massive (158.3 x 75.3 x 8.35 mm) and heavy (190 g), it sports a 6.3 ” LCD screen in 19.5: 9 format with Full HD + definition (2340 x 1080 pixels). The integration of the slab is not very optimal: the chin measures 1 cm, the side edges 3.5 mm and the forehead 7 mm. The Chinese play the efficiency card with its teardrop notch.

Although he does not opt ​​for an OLED panel (logical for a smartphone at this price), the display quality remains very good. The contrasts and the brightness allow use in full sun without being disturbed by reflections. On the other hand, we will criticize a tendency to draw towards blue, a small defect that can be mitigated in the display settings. But overall, compared to the price, this Review of the Redmi Note 8T starts very well.


No surprise in the arrangement of the components: the physical keys (on / off, volume) are grouped on the right-hand border, the USB-C, the 3.5 mm jack and the speaker on the bottom edge. The photo module, composed of four sensors, is housed in the upper left corner of the back cover. Below, we can easily find the fingerprint reader, well centered in the middle on the back.


Our Review of this Redmi Note 8T surprised us with the quality of the finishes. The chrome frame and the back in Corning Gorilla Glass 5 give it the look of a high-end smartphone. Special mention in color Moonlight white, particularly elegant. Icing on the cake, the Chinese Xiaomi ensures that the Redmi Note 8T resists splashing (however without IP certification).

Redmi Note 8T performance and interface

The benchmarks are final: the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T is not a thunderbolt, and that’s normal. You could expect it by discovering its technical sheet. With a Snapdragon 665 (entry level) from Qualcomm and 4 GB of RAM, it quickly shows signs of weakness. It will be perfect for moderate users, but you will notice slowdowns in animations and transitions as soon as you ask for a little more. Better to avoid launching several greedy applications at the same time.


Players can have fun without fear of crashes or lags, provided they are not too demanding on the quality of graphics. Most of the greediest licenses (PUBG Mobile, Asphalt 9) run with an average graphic configuration. Only Call of Duty Mobile runs perfectly with high quality. If you are fans of the game Fortnite, the Redmi Note 8T is not for you as it is impossible to install the game from Epic Games. Now let’s take this Redmi Note 8T Review to the interface.

A cleavage interface

Clivant (adj): Tells someone, something that deeply divides opinion (Larousse 2019). We have not found a better adjective to qualify MIUI, the interface developed by Xiaomi (here in its version 10.3.1 based on Android 9 with the September 2019 patch). MIUI, we like it or we hate it. In all objectivity, there is good, very good, but also (unfortunately) bad.

Among its strengths, we can cite the multitude of features and customization options. Think for example of the possibility of optimizing the layout of the navigation keys, replacing them with gestures, choosing from a fairly generous selection of themes and icon packs. There is something for every taste.

MIUI 10 focuses on safety as always. For the Redmi Note 8T, two unlocking systems are available: facial recognition (from the front sensor) or fingerprint reader. Both are very responsive, but the fingerprint sensor remains more secure. Rarely, the MIUI 10 OS scans each downloaded application before launching the installation, even if it comes from the Play Store.

Despite these advantages, MIUI 10 can be quite frustrating. The interface closer to iOS than Android will not appeal to everyone. Above all, the lack of an application drawer risks angering fans of the little green robot. Fortunately, the richness of Android allows you to install a launcher alternative which will correct this little problem.

The main defect of MIUI 10 lies in its mismanagement of notifications. The icons that are supposed to appear in the notification bar appear during reception and then disappear immediately. You must always scroll down the status bar to check that a notification has arrived. MIUI 11 corrects this particularly annoying problem on a daily basis. Roll on the update!

Autonomy of the Redmi Note 8T

The large format of the Redmi Note 8T allows it to accommodate a powerful 4000 mAh battery. He holds on average a day and a half for versatile use (messages, social networks, music, some parts of Call of Duty Mobile, photos and some YouTube and Netflix videos). The Redmi Note 8T is thus placed at the top of the basket, even if the Mi Note 8 Pro, with its 4500 mAh battery, is more enduring. For less than 200 euros, this remains a good performance, and our Redmi Note 8T Review is very positive.


Supplied with an 18W charger (USB-C) the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T smartphone gains 35 to 40% of battery in 30 minutes. Far from reaching the records of Oppo or OnePlus, it remains fast for a smartphone at less than 200 euros. Unsurprisingly, wireless charging appears to absent subscribers.


Affordable smartphone does not rhyme with a bad photophone. To prove it, Xiaomi puts the package and integrates no less than four photo sensors :

  • A wide angle : 26 mm f / 1.8; 48 MP 1/2 ’’ sensor (0.8 µm photosites); PDAF
  • An ultra wide-angle : 13 mm f / 2.2: 8 MP 1/4 ’’ sensor (photosites 1.12 µm)
  • A macro : f / 2.4; 2 MP 1/5 ’’ sensor (1.75 µm photosites)
  • A lens charged with depth of field : f / 2.4; 2 MP 1/5 ’’ sensor (1.75 µm photosites)

As on its recent models, Xiaomi uses the pixel binning which allows us, with a 48 MP sensor, to obtain much more detailed 12 MP shots. A mode allows to shoot in 48 MP with results that differ little.

With this arsenal, Xiaomi makes accessible all the shooting modes normally reserved for high-end models (ultra wide-angle, x2 zoom, macro). If the quality of the pictures is not always very good, the Redmi Note 8T shines with its versatility. This is a positive point in our Review on this Redmi Note 8T.

In good light conditions, we don’t have much to blame him for: the sharpness is quite good and the colors fairly faithful to reality. Among the good points, we will note the very good x2 zoom (fully digital in the absence of telephoto), the portraits quite successful and the ultra wide-angle sensor, still as attractive, even if it is obviously not perfect.

Health is not only smart,but also elegant with Withings!

Unfortunately, for less than 200 euros, you can’t ask too much from the Redmi Note 8T either. As soon as the light dims, the noise and the grain degrade the photos. Despite the integration of a night mode, the photos remain unusable in low light. Missed shots on portraits are not uncommon (rough cropping) and the ultra-wide angle degrades a scene enormously (image distortion, loss of detail, reduced exposure). Can we really blame Xiaomi? Clearly not!

By its versatility the Redmi Note 8T stands out from its direct rivals. For less than 200 €, difficult (if not impossible) to find better.

This is all the more true as the 13 MP front sensor (1.12 µm photosites) with f / 2 lens will allow you to take successful selfies. He even does very well for taking self-portraits. The icing on the cake, the Redmi Note 8T can film up to 4K at 30 fps. For this price, the feat deserves to be highlighted.

My opinion after this Review of the Redmi Note 8T

The Redmi Note 8T is marketed by default at € 199.90 in 64 GB version and € 229.90 with 128 GB of storage. Difficult for competitors to fight against Xiaomi. Its new smartphone adopts all the standards of 2019 for a very contained price. Its neat design, its beautiful LCD screen, its excellent autonomy and its successful camera are among its main assets.

If performance turns out to be a bit tight and the interface deserves some improvements, we can only recommend this Redmi Note 8T, the new benchmark for smartphones priced at less than 200 euros.

Redmi Note 8T at the best priceBase price: 199 €

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T


WE love

  • Premium design
  • Bright LCD screen
  • Excellent autonomy
  • Good camera
  • Excellent value

We like less

  • Slightly poor performance
  • Perfectible interface


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