Window and door caulking of a modern house

Window and door caulking in a modern health home is a trend that meets energy saving needs. Also, smart health connected windows and doors are being developed to provide significant living comfort. It is now possible to program, or to remotely control, their opening and closing; as well as the color of the windows according to the weather.

Google Nest, Amazon Alexa, and others have stepped into the game. WiFi, telephones and applications are multiplying in the smart health connected health home. But with such technological gems, window and door caulking should not be neglected during installation and renovation. In a passive house, the same rigor is required.

smart health connected window caulking

Window manufacturers compete in ingenuity to make this health home essential even more useful thanks to technological performance. There are even windows with integrated touch screens. Windows can now produce their own electricity using integrated photovoltaic cells. They can themselves adjust their opacity. Windows can open and close on their own. But all these health home automation developments would be useless without a good caulking. The gasket is all the more important as technology evolves. Certain smart health connected windows thus make it possible to save 15% to 20% on your heating bill. Adequate window caulking will provide at least as much, an average of 15% more savings.

What about door caulking?

The same requirement arises from room to room, and not just at the front door. If the emphasis is on window sealing, cold and moisture proof, it should be the same from room to room. Doors inside a house can let in cold, humid air if they are not properly caulked. The air rushes in from everywhere: above and below as well as through the smallest gap. It will thus not be useless to check that air or humidity does not rush through the wall outlets or any cracks. This careful caulking also helps prevent pest invasions that take advantage of the slightest defect to infiltrate.

The tightness of a door is for example ensured by an automatic plinth, equipped with a silicone bead which rises when opening following the inclination of the ground to prevent friction and wear. This type of solution is already perfectly mastered in modern hospitals and offices. Why not consider them in living spaces to improve energy efficiency and impeccable caulking of rooms in a house or condo? In the end, we get what comes closest to a passive house capable of not requiring any form of heating, completely autonomous from an energy point of view.

Passive house: an interior without heating?

There are still too few of them, but the trend is definitely here to take hold. It is a dream now achievable: the passive house, as certified by the German Passivhaus institute. In Quebec, the passive house is certified by the CanPHI Institute. Because even in regions subject to a harsh climate it is surprisingly possible to do without heating. How? ‘Or’ What ? One of the essential steps is to carry out the caulking properly: windows, doors, all living rooms. This great rigor of construction required by this type of fashionable habitat can only be guaranteed by the waterproofing professional. He will be able to point out every detail that may be problematic and provide a full quote in order to remedy it.

Ultimately, all of these technological innovations and trends in construction are aimed at saving energy while helping to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The mission is far from impossible if rigorous caulking is carried out in addition to modern control installations; as well as indoor air regulation. Because we must not forget either that a successful caulking allows healthy air to circulate in the habitat; while moisture and stale air are properly exhausted. These exchanges of ambient air make the house breathe in health and prevent the accumulation of water in the structure of the building or the appearance of unhealthy molds.


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