Where do bags under the eyes come from?

Where do bags under the eyes come from?

You may notice, after a sleepless night, that swollen bags have formed under your eyes. But why do some people seem to have more than others? The website LiveScience American dermatologist Carol Clinton asked about it. The specialist explains that the answer to this question is both genetic (largely) and environmental.

Bags under the eyes are most often noticed on fair and thin skin. The effects of stress and fatigue are much more visible because blood circulation tends to decrease in this part of the face. The blood tends to clot, the blood vessels stretch, and the eyes become puffy, sometimes surrounded by dark circles. Some people are genetically predisposed to fat accumulation under the eyeball. In this case, sleeping nine hours a night is useless, you just have to curse your DNA.

Various factors

In other cases, bags under the eyes may be related to temporary factors. The seasonal allergies, for example, stimulate the production of histamines, immune proteins that cause swelling of blood vessels in the eyes. Excessive sun exposure can also damage the skin and leave visible marks. And the fact of eating very salty can cause a Water retention which accentuates the bags under the eyes.

Wearing sunglasses and avoiding rubbing your eyes helps limit the risks. Sometimes environmental factors beyond our control play a role, such as gravity. With aging, collagen and elastin levels decrease in connective tissue. Facial bones lose volume and bags form naturally.

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