What is the FIFA 2018 game worth? (compared to 2017)

“A game in constant evolution which is more fluid and more arcade! "

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FIFA 18 East THE benchmark games soccer on console all physical media combined and certainly THE franchise most sports popular. This new Opus bring your lot of novelties, graphics more refined and gameplay revised upwards. It is playable in multiplayer in line and partly local solo or many!


Fifa 2018 video game

The Trailer of the Fifa 2018 game

Here is the tape official announcement Game FIFA 18.


  • Genre: Sport
  • Game mode : Solo and multiplayer (local or online)
  • Game time : 20 hours to infinity
  • Support: PS4, X box one, PC, Nintendo Switch
  • Release date : 09/29/2017
  • Developer: EA SPORTS
  • PEGI: 3

Introduction toFIFA universe : from 1993 to 2018

The FIFA football license is published since 1993 by Electronic Arts and offers each year a new game with updates who continually bring their lots of novelties, evolution of graphics, game engine more powerful, license development and of course the team update taking into account transfers.

It offers official competitions alone against AI (computer) or online via PSN (Play Station Network). So you can measure to players of whole world. He's regouping all the teams in the world at equivalent level League 1, league 2 and national. However unlike its competitor (Pro Evolution Soccer) it does not offer competition in Champions League and has one game mode at a time easy but can be handled with complexity and clarifications so that an amateur player cannot surpass a pro player.

This license is recognized across the planet and even offers competitions grouping together best players international. So you can constantly improve your technical game.

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The novelties 2018 compared to FIFA 2017

First, story mode is the logical continuation of Fifa 17, with the return of Alex Hunter who this time will try to climb the heights by establishing himself as one of the greatest players in the competition. here are the 7 main novelties :

  • If the story mode from Fifa 17 appeared as dish, this one is more worked. Indeed the career mode is much more developed, more focused on transfer issues and the resulting problems, including decision making ((dialogue with question / answer) who will have a direct impact on your evolution within the club, this year you will be able to negotiate game bonuses ((goal scored, bonus per match played…).
  • The quality of the graphics is here more refined and renderings of better textures, the brightness has also been reinforced. for example the atmosphere of the stadium is more realistic, the crowd in bleachers appears more clearly, just like the players face, we can finally say that we can recognize on the first try look.
  • The colorimetry is also accentuated, for some less washed-out images, we recognize the different soccer stadiums and the atmosphere is perfectly reproduced according to many supporters. there is also a difference on the grass that looks better modeled.
  • In addition, there is no problem of Framerate, (this is the number of frames per second), there is no effect of jerky, the title is therefore technically fluid.
  • The management of replacements East improved, it can be done directly during the match, without interrupting it, and the game system will offer tactical solutions adapted to your playing style.
  • Also: Chinese competition do your Entrance, which gives you the opportunity to discover a new league !
  • Finally, we don't forget the traditional updates ((transfer of players to their new teams and ratings) which takes into account their results during the previous season.

New gameplay for a new Opus?

One of the first things that we notice is that the game is slower, transmissions require players to more construction. The main difference is felt in the bullet protection (shielding).

The key L2 alone is no longer enough to contain the ball, which allows the defense to find the right rhythm and steal the ball without doing fault, this was the main criticism of FIFA 17.

The centers benefit animations more diversified and there is a better interest in it because the attackers can finally win on duels with the defenders, which was less the case in Fifa 17.

What we regret is the goalkeeper level drop which is much less imperial than in Fifa 17, since it is not controlled by the player ((except in the event of a penalty) but it promises higher scores high.


Fifa 2018 video game

Fifa offers every year your lot of novelty, with an engine which is updated every year and over 20 years of expertise and technical improvements. To date, he is one of the sport games most successful on console.

Furthermore the game system will appear as more fluid and more arcade that your main rival Pro soccer evolution. In addition, even if the game was criticized at its launch, be aware that the many bugs have been solved by EA Sport. So ready to put on your crampons?

The positive points
  • Improved graphics (faces and spectators)
  • Career mode with Alex Hunter
  • More varied centers
  • Tutorials
  • Requires more construction
The negative points
  • The guardian too weak
  • A slower game

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