Vitality cure at the new Chenot Palace Weggis, Switzerland

Vitality cure at the new Chenot Palace Weggis, Switzerland


The famous group Chenotmedical pioneer wellness, inaugurated its new Center in a peaceful village at the foot of the Swiss Alps. Combining cutting-edge, predictive and preventive medicine with revisited Chinese energy medicine, the new treatments are led by a team of specialists from around the world. The objective, a total revitalization with a multidisciplinary care.


A small road along Lake Lucerne, in a postcard setting with its houses with painted shutters, and we have arrived at the Chenot Palace in Weggis in German-speaking Switzerland. The new Resort, facing the lake with a view of the tutelary peak of Mount Rigi, consists of an old 19th century palace renovated in the tradition, and a new building in wood and stone with a refined architecture which blends harmoniously into the landscape. On the first floor, the spacious rooms and suites are a call to relaxation and good sleep, a key element of the cure. On the ground floor, the medical spa, lit by large bay windows with a view of small Zen gardens. 5,000 m2 of rooms, equipment, diagnostic and treatment devices, etc.

Depending on whether you want to slim down and detoxify, de-stress and boost your energy, or optimize your health/energy capital and strengthen the body and mind, the tailor-made cure is developed according to age and state of everyone’s health. Custom checkups rely on “Lifestyle Biomarkers” which integrate parameters such as weight, stress load, sleep quality, allergies, physical activity, oxidative stress, glycation and heavy metal levels, mineral deficiencies and vascular age.

The spirit and the mind are just as much taken into account as the state of the body, its resources and its dysfunctions, as well as the energy capital, as explained by the Dr. George GaitanosGroup Scientific and R&D Director Chenot “We seek to reset the body in order to wake it up. Imagine a piano where each note is a gene; we are going to wake up dormant genes in order to help the body and the mind to regenerate. This expert in metabolic and energy medicine has published his research in the most prestigious medical journals.


360° support is available throughout the cure. A synergy of treatments supported by innovative technologies makes it possible to push the cursor higher. Like the “Altitude Room”, set at your choice of 800, 1000, 1500 meters, with a coach to accompany the exercises. Athletes acclaim, overweight people too because the altitude burns more calories. Still in the “breakthrough in technology” spirit, an anti-gravity treadmill, where you can run in near weightlessness. The objective, to rehabilitate the injured, to allow overweight people to exercise longer, and also to awaken the famous dormant genes. We run like a child, lightly, without running out of breath. Jubilatory!

In the implementation phase, rooms dedicated to promoting optimal sleep quality. Soundproofed, they are equipped with a Sleep Technology (classified as a medical device by the FDA) where the bed linen, a cotton woven with microcrystals, recovers the sleeper’s energy at night and restores it in the morning, when the progressive wake-up technology is activated.


Throughout the stay, you will consult your doctor 3 times, your energy doctor 3 times, your nutritionist 2 times, your osteopath at least once. The additional treatments are targeted according to the desired effects of the curists. One of the most popular treatments for their energizing effect is the infusion of a tailor-made cocktail of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and chelating agents combined with ozone therapy. The energy treatments that have made Chenot’s reputation form the basis of the protocols. They start in the morning with the hydro-bath trilogy, mud wrap and manual massage and with a cupping device that works on the meridians. Three kinds of cures are proposed from which we build the additional examinations and treatments that will constitute the tailor-made protocol.

Advanced Detox is the iconic program of the Chenot method. It is used to detoxify and purify the body in depth, to restore hormonal balance and repair damaged tissues. The treatments use cellular resonance therapy, special massage techniques using electrostimulation and are associated with a low calorie vegan diet with optional colonic irrigation.

Recover & Energize is designed to reduce stress and restore energy balance and vitality. Ideal for people who are stressed and tired, the program reduces cortisol levels, calms and revitalizes the body. Neuroacoustic and biofeedback treatments based on neuroscience technologies relax and relieve a restless mind, lower stress levels and improve sleep. Bioenergetic treatments raise the level of energy.

Prevention & Aging Well helps determine the impact of lifestyle on the aging process. An analysis of body composition, cardiovascular functions, posture and musculoskeletal system, mineral deficiencies and heavy metal poisoning, makes it possible to establish a precise picture of the state of health. The program works on the immune system and the body’s repair mechanisms in order to strengthen it and relies on nutrition to deeply detoxify. The basic treatment includes 4 bioenergetic treatments, 6 whole body cryotherapy sessions and 2 sessions of Neurac, a hammock specially designed to do specific exercises suspended in a sort of hammock.


Very well equipped, we can optimize the results with injections of fillers or Botox, biorevitalization with PRP, mesotherapy or microneedling, Hydrafacial, OxyGeneo for luminous skin. Body contouring treatments by Indiba radiofrequency are offered as well as anti-cellulite and lymphatic drainage treatments.


A week of treatment, a week for yourself, in an idyllic setting on the shores of one of the purest lakes in Europe facing the mountains. The absolute calm of the small village and its typical houses reinforces the state of well-being and deep relaxation. We walk around taking great gulps of fresh air with the scents of the mountain pastures, lulled by the bells of the cows. For entertainment, you can take the boat to Lucerne and admire the medieval old town, or take the little train to the top of Mount Rigi with a panoramic view. In the evening, go to the herbal tea room, a delicious lounge with deep sofas and soft cushions, to enjoy herbal teas, mocktails, chat with spa guests or play board games. An atmosphere of the last century, where a form of carelessness and the pleasure of small things made life sweet. At night, the rooms and suites, nicely decorated, all have a private terrace to enjoy the view. We leave deeply transformed, serene and filled with new energy.

The costs :

  • Detox cure from 5300 €
  • Cure Recover & Energize from 5760 €
  • Prevention Cure & Aging Well from 6410 €
  • Rooms from €490 per night

Chenot Palace Weggis, Hertensteinstrasse 34 6353 Weggis. +41 41 255 20 00 –

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