Vichy Spa Hôtel les Célestins – anti-aging the anti-aging guide anti-wrinkles anti-aging aesthetic medicine

Vichy Spa Hôtel les Célestins – anti-aging the anti-aging guide anti-wrinkles anti-aging aesthetic medicine

Seriously Thermal, Infinitely Spa

Arriving in this sublime place, a thermal spa of 7500 m2, it is not difficult to comply with the promise of the place: forget your worries, succumb to luxury and access tailor-made treatments with medical practitioners, specialists in nutrition, physiotherapists… Promises kept for this unique place in France, one of the largest spas in Europe.

Do you want to lose weight permanently while toning and refining your silhouette? The new “Célest Diet Club” concept helps you achieve your goals. Do you want to improve the appearance of your skin, fill in wrinkles or treat cellulite? High Tech equipment, the team of experts and the Vichy Laboratories Institute, a unique place for cell regeneration, offer an exclusive treatment path to visibly transform your skin. Do you want to get back into sport gently or improve your performance as a great athlete? Coaches and physiotherapists accompany you. Do you want to take a break, breathe and recharge your batteries? You can find your pleasure in the weekend and getaway formulas. With an architecture inspired by the palaces of the 1930s, a 4-star hotel opened in 1993 and designed by the architectural firm Harland & Associés, access to the city and the Napoleon III park, this place is indeed magical.

A high-flying team and all the health professionals gathered here, for you.

The Spa les Célestins osteopath will help you improve your musculoskeletal integrity. The physiotherapists present intervene for acts of massage and lymphatic drainage in order to find a muscular balance and a better peripheral circulation. The dieticians develop a dietary follow-up for you as part of the Célest Diet Minceur and Célest Détox programmes. In collaboration with a nutritionist doctor, they will accompany you individually in your goal of weight loss or food rebalancing. To better understand the care provided, many round tables and workshops immerse you in the heart of your health and sophrology and behavioral therapy workshops, in small groups or individually, will strengthen your motivation. For gourmets and gourmets, culinary demonstration workshops will teach you how to make dietetic dishes that are easy to prepare at home.

The Skin Institute, protocols to optimize cell regeneration.

The Vichy Laboratories, drawing on their expertise in the physiology of the skin, have created the Institute, within the Vichy thermal Spa Les Célestins. Its objective: to offer treatment protocols adapted to each type of skin, to optimize cell regeneration and visibly transform the skin from the very first treatment. After an expert skin diagnosis carried out with a patented tool, the Dermo-Analyzer, each treatment protocol uses the best health active ingredients from Vichy Laboratories, fortifying, soothing and regenerating Vichy thermal water sprays and massage techniques. adapted to each area of ​​your skin on the face and body (lifting smoothing, radiance stimulation, deep pressure, aeromodelling, full palpate-roll, etc.).

Célest Eclat and Célest Anti-Aging: the two protocols that we strongly recommend.

Among all the proposed protocols, we tested two protocols: “Célest Eclat” and “Célest Anti-Age”. The first includes 19 treatments to transform the skin in six days based on the natural riches of Vichy Célestins thermal spring water and the latest technological innovations in the field of dermo-aesthetics. The top-of-the-range face and body treatments applied during this program have been developed by the specialists of Vichy Spa les Célestins. The Dermo-Analyzer, a latest-generation skin diagnostic tool, allows dermo-practitioners to establish a perfectly targeted treatment program for each type of skin.

The “Célest Anti-Aging” includes no less than 27 treatments and addresses beauty as a whole, from the body to the skin. A top-of-the-range programme, it preserves beauty and fights against skin ageing. It is accompanied by an anti-aging diet, sports coaching and thermal and aesthetic treatments. In addition to very specialized beauty treatments, dietary consultations, conferences and workshops familiarize you with the main principles of antioxidant food. In order to optimize the effects of this program as much as possible, the most suitable and effective “oxygenating” physical exercises are proposed. We particularly appreciated the “300 million new cells” treatment, the 3 cryogenic body firming treatments and the 3 revitalizing essential oil massages.

Vichy Spa Hotel les Celestins: Tel: 04 70 30 82 82 – Fax: 04 70 30 82 99 or

111, Boulevard des Etats-Unis – 03 200 – Vichy – Email:

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