Vichy Celestins Spa Hotel, France

Vichy Celestins Spa Hotel, France

Dive into the heart of your health.

The largest health complex in Europe with its 7500 M2 ingeniously linked by a bridge with a 5-star hotel opens its doors to you in Vichy around innovative health formulas.

When you walk through the door of the Vichy Célestins and welcome you into the hotel lobby, you quickly realize from the small details that this establishment knows how to manage distinguished international guests. Indeed, in the heart of France, in Vichy, a crowd of customers from all over the world, including the most distant. And they are not mistaken: luxury rooms, treatments performed with clockwork precision, dietetic cuisine that remains sophisticated… everything is done to offer an à la carte global health concept.

Let’s start with care. These take place in the Vichy Célestins Thermal Spa, topped by a superb glass dome: “Signature” treatments with Vichy thermal water, mineralizing treatments from Vichy Laboratories, anti-aging treatments provided with the SkinCeuticals brand, all embellished with free access to a thermal water pool, an ice fountain or even saunas (and for the lucky ones, a new private VIP Jacuzzi area…). We unhesitatingly advise you to test the Trilogy of “signature” treatments with Vichy thermal water, new since 2017 in the form of “Célestins Thermal Ritual” in the new and unique thermal suite in the world. You can take advantage of the hydromassage bath in Vichy thermal water (jet hydromassage with a complex of essential oils associated with chromatherapy), a vegeto-mineral mud wrap (the +: you are lying on a flotation bed heated), and a massage shower with 2 or 4 hands carried out under a rain of thermal water rich in minerals.

The institute of Vichy and SkinCeuticals laboratories.

You can also continue your beauty rituals by crossing the door of the Vichy Laboratories Institute. Many possibilities are available to you by starting with a skin diagnosis: Mineral 89 treatment, Soothing Immersion, Radiance Regeneration, 300 million new cells, Purified skin texture or Ideal Body. If you choose the 2017 novelty, Mineral 89, you will benefit from a very complete treatment including anti-pollution make-up removal, personalized multi-masking, a Mineral 89 Booster treatment formulated with 89% Vichy mineralizing water. Combined with hyaluronic acid, it will allow you to obtain skin capable of fighting against environmental aggressions. Finally, if you want to focus on an anti-aging effect for the face, SkinCeuticals can offer you targeted protocols after performing your profile analysis via the SkinScope LED. Try the SkinC expert anti-aging treatment with Vitamin C, ideal for reducing wrinkles, dark spots and improving your hydration thanks to good exfoliation.

The Vichy Célestins Method: 5 keys to your well-being

Beyond the treatments, coming to Vichy Célestins also means discovering a whole universe articulated around 5 keys: 1- A medical and dietary consultation as well as an Oligoscan assessment, 2 A trilogy of treatments with Vichy thermal water that you can enjoy every day, 3- Adapted expert treatments followed by a medical check-up, 4- Personalized physical activities and 5- Personalized cuisine enriched with Vichy Célestins mineral water. On this last point, we invite you not to sulk your pleasure by discovering a cuisine based on cooking at low temperature and very reduced in salt, in particular by compensating it with Célestins mineral water. Rich in Silica and Lithium, it is anti-stress, will significantly improve your stomach pains or your headaches. This healthy and pleasurable cuisine prepared daily by Chef Christophe Vauthier and controlled by a dietician received the ESPA culinary innovation prize in 2014.

Expert opinion: A new quality of life monitoring tool

by Doctor François Michel.

It has evolved towards gentle approaches and the integration of preventive medicine into Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine.

When we treat our patients, are they happier afterwards than before? And sustainably?

These seemingly naive questions are the result of a slow development of Western medicine.

Responding to them calls on today’s techniques and can contribute to profoundly modifying the patient’s role.

At first, medicine sought to save the patient. When the patient survived, everyone was happy.

Then, a new concept appeared: quality of life.

As we were becoming more and more efficient, it was necessary to define the priorities and it appeared that non-fatal pathologies can totally ruin life and that they therefore deserve to be taken into consideration. It has been found that very severe acne affects the quality of life a little less than cancer but more than diabetes or kidney failure which are theoretically more serious.

This concept of quality of life finally gave voice to the patient and it now contributes to defining which treatments must be taken in charge by the community.

In aesthetic medicine, this assessment of quality of life has come up against officially validated questionnaires, which are long, intrusive and embarrassing with questions on sexuality or a totally unsuitable “pathological” approach.

The idea was to create analog questionnaires for answers ranging from 1 to 10 with simple and concrete questions.

However, thanks to Professor Daurès, biostatistician, we know that in terms of quality of life, we do not all have the same zero. In other words, some people will rate 1 if it was a very bad day when overall everything is going quite well, while others will rate above 5 if they have no suicidal thoughts… Which actually matters , it is the variation of the note, and this over multiple responses, one per month for a year for example in order to attenuate the variations in mood due to a specific event.

A passionate team then embarked on the creation of a computerized questionnaire with 5 very simple questions that the patient fills in during the first consultation.

Then every month, the same questionnaire is sent via e-mail with a response on smartphone or tablet. In addition, the treating team also completes 2 questions on mood and physical appearance.

The information is immense. Already, at the very beginning, if there is a big difference between the patient’s answers and that of the team, we can detect a problem of self-esteem. And if over the consultations this difference decreases, it will be a good sign.

The doctor can also adapt his treatments and all of his care to improve the quality of life. And by comparing (in complete anonymity of course) the results obtained with those of colleagues with the same type of activity, we can see even better if we are in a good approach vis-à-vis patients. The crucial point is to refocus the result of the treatment on the happiness felt by the patient, and this over time without being led astray by temporary euphoria or depression.

This application is now in use in France and Canada in aesthetic dermatology practices.

Its interest goes far beyond aesthetic medicine since it can be used in all sectors of medicine, but also for the evaluation of devices by manufacturers and products by laboratories, as well as in the spa and wellness sector. to be.

Doctor Francois Michel

Dr Frankvsois Michel teaches Aesthetic Dermatology at the hospital and shares his experience through conferences and publications.


111 Boulevard of the United States,

03200 Vichy – FRANCE

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