Top 3 anti-pollen smart health connected objects


The spring season is conducive to allergies, pollen is responsible for many cases. However, new technologies offer objects that can indicate the presence or not of pollen. Here are a top 3 devices to use for people allergic to these particles.

Birdi studies the presence of pollen

Birdi is a detector to place at health home, it allows to alert in case ofambient air anomalies. Indeed, it looks like a smoke detector, but it is worth much more than that. It allows in particular to detect pollen and any other substance that may be toxic or may cause allergies. smart health connected in Wireless to his smartphone application, Birdi notifies the user when he feels a high level of pollen particles in the air, which can affect health. The detector is available at a price of $ 119 on the official Birdi website, the application works on Android and Iphone.


TZOA, this trendy air sensor

The company TZOA launches a sensor for assess air quality using an elegant device. Indeed, the creators have bet on an unusual design for an air sensor that looks just as much a jewel as a small decorative element. Thanks to its application and connectivity bluetooth, this device sends notifications to smartphones to warn of pollution or other environmental factors such as pollen. It indicates the pollen levels in the air and allows the user to plan outings based on their allergies.

This sensor is not yet on the market, but should be available in August 2015.

Sense analyzes particles in the air

Sense is first and foremost a smart health connected alarm clock that also monitors the surrounding air to help you sleep well. Thanks to its sensors, it can determine the presence of moisture in the air, but also of pollen. Indeed it detects the presence of pollen in the air for all allergic people. In a sympathetic form, Sense easily slips into a habitat and monitors for its user the particles which could alter his sleep or his health. Sense is available for purchase for $ 129.



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