Tixeo launches into the telemedicine market


"Many telemedicine solutions incorporate traditional videoconferencing systems that are routinely targeted by computer attacks, including SIP or H.323 protocols." Until today, no highly secure videoconferencing offer was available on the Internet. the French market, "Tixeo said in a statement.

Founded in 2004 in Montpellier, the company launches TixeoCare – whose conventional videoconferencing solutions were already certified by the National Agency for Information Systems Security (Anssi) – said it wanted to "protect medical confidentiality" and put the trade security.

End-to-end encryption of audio, video communications (proposed in HD / 4K), and data, encryption is also required as part of the link between the client and the server.

"No listening capacity has been put in place on the solution (…), TixeoCare does not collect or store the health data of its users (patients / caregivers)," added the publisher.

An automatic confirmation email to the patient or colleague is also on the menu of the software solution and online payment is available for payment of fees.

In addition, TixeoCare integrates several other features such as application and document sharing, end-to-end encrypted command transfer (without any storage on the server) or secure messaging.

The Montpellier company already counts among its customers health actors: the National Council of the College of Physicians (Cnom), the public interest grouping (GIP) Sant & Numérique Hauts-com-France, the BBraun industrialist or the Orange group.

To meet the needs of its various customers, TixeoCare comes in two offers.

One is for liberal doctors, it is offered at a rate of 39.90 euros (excluding taxes) per month. A second offer, "tailor-made", is also proposed.

Intended for hospitals, clinics, clinics or health homes, it is calculated "according to the number of subscriptions (number of organizers of consultations) as well as the envisaged infrastructure (cloud, for example)", explained to TICsanté Tixeo.

To use it, the carer installs the software on his PC and has his account and the videoconferencing application. The number of videoconferences is unlimited "in number and duration", it was underlined.

For patients, a simple free registration and installation of the application is enough to use the telemedicine solution TixeoCare.

"Once the video conference is scheduled by the caregiver, the patient automatically receives a confirmation email containing instructions for installation and connection to access the videoconference," the company said.


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