Did you know that you can slow down, stop and even reverse the biological clock? Everything is related to the right lifestyle. And sometimes small adjustments can make a big difference. You can read exactly what you can do yourself in the book “Masterplan skin & hair”. Scroll on for the best anti-aging tips from this book!

Life Unlimited

The fact that you can extend the shelf life inside and out with a good lifestyle is now a well-known fact. Yet there is a lot of noise in this area, because various media sources sometimes contradict each other or copy incorrect (outdated) information from each other. This makes it difficult for a layman to separate the wheat from the chaff. Fortunately, you have Life Unlimited in the Netherlands, where they carefully gather the latest insights in the field of anti-aging. All their publications are based on scientific insights. Their latest issue focuses on conditioning your skin and hair. Look, we find that extremely fascinating!

The book Masterplan skin and hair

What do I think of the book “Masterplan skin and hair”? It looks like a magazine, with an attractive layout and stories of no more than 6 pages of text. All nicely organized, but still the book is interspersed with relevant information. In 21 steps (chapters) you get a flood of useful anti-aging tips in bite-sized chunks. See below for my 3 most favorite tips from the book.

The influence of the sun

Now you might think: “ha!, I already know this tip”. But do read further. We all know that the sun’s rays promote skin aging like no other. Max Verstappen is nothing compared to speed. So far nothing new under uuuhh… the sun. But then. It follows from the latest scientific insights that you really need those sun rays for a healthy body. There are even indications that sunlight helps against the aging of your body. It would give you longer telomeres, indicating a younger biological age. Something you will also see in your skin. Furthermore, it not only promotes vitamin D production, but also the release of nitric oxide in your body. The latter causes a reduction in blood pressure and widening of the vessels. Sunlight also produces serotonin, the happiness hormone. So you would be selling yourself short if you don’t regularly let those golden rays fall on your body. I have therefore adjusted my (previously very strict) sun policy. But in a way. Don’t sunbathe in the hottest part of the day and I’ll make sure I don’t get burned (grease!!!!). Oh yeah. I still don’t go out with my face in the sun. Because even though the sun has many good (newly discovered) sides; it is and remains arch-enemy number 1 in the wrinkle area.

get moving

Time and again scientifically proven how important regular exercise is for your body. So it also just really helps against wrinkles! For example, Professor Mark Tarnopolsky did a very interesting study on it. He put a group of inactive over-65s into sports. Cycle or jog for 30 minutes twice a week. And what happened after 3 months? The skin of this invigorated group was biologically rejuvenated! Their skin, inside and out, was similar to that of their forties, thirties, and even twenties. holy mac, that’s some news! In short, exercise is a must if you want to enjoy beautiful skin for a long time to come. Point. Note: for the sports haters: I am with you† It took me -literally- decades to accept that it’s just part of it. I have now baked exercise into my weekly program and I stick to it faithfully. Not exercising is no longer an option. Just think of the scientifically proven rejuvenation of your skin. Or else the bikini time coming up again. That also helps ;-).

Prevent skull shrinkage

Strange title, I hear you think. But it’s oh so important to maintain that bone structure. Because your bones are the coat rack over which your skin is draped. Without this coat rack, the volume in your face disappears and wrinkles and hanging parts arise. A process that is part of aging and that everyone has to deal with. The result of osteoporosis and a changing hormone balance. Yes, sorry, I can’t help it either… But what you can do is pamper your bones. How do you do that? First of all, by chewing well. This keeps your jaw muscles and bones strong. Simple, but effective. There is also a role for sports here. Research has shown that high impact sports have a positive influence on the strength of your bones. This includes, for example, fitness, tennis and football. Furthermore, eating sufficient nutrients such as calcium and proteins contributes to the maintenance of your bone structure. It could also be (this has not yet been proven) that miracle vitamin K2 helps to maintain your bone mass, in collaboration with its friend vitamin D3. Even more reason to add vitamin K2 to your daily list! Ps: if you want to know more about the great vitamin K2, see the previous article I wrote about this.


The book “Masterplan skin and hair” is recommended for anyone who is seriously interested in anti-aging. It is packed with useful tips, which are easy to implement in everyday life. Read the book, pick out what appeals to you and adjust your lifestyle accordingly. Your body and mind will thank you in the short and long term.

Masterplan skin & hair is available via the Life Unlimited website for 19.95 euros. PS: I was sent this book, but this has not influenced my opinion about the book.

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