Thync, a "helmet" capable of changing your mood

Thync offers a smart health connected device capable of changing your mood. By transmitting electronic waves to the brain, it changes your mind.

Thync is a California-based start-up made up of experts in neurobiology, neuroscience and consumer electronics. It is at the origin of the smart health smart health connected object which will help you to be more concentrated during rush moments, or more calm during moments of rest. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has agreed to the development of this product.

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How it works

This object uses neurosignaling, i.e. electronic waves or ultrasound which stimulate the brain and can produce a change of mentality.


Thync is smart health connected to the smartphone from which you can control the intensity and type of waves. The wave "is as effective as a few cups of coffee," said Isy Goldwasser, CEO and co-founder of the start-up. You might wonder why go on the air if it equals a few cups of coffee?


The device only stimulates areas that can be naturally stimulated – for example by taking vitamins. – Research and scientific articles have clearly ensured that Thync is safe to use.

The FDA is still investigating whether this product should be classified as a medical smart health connected device or simply as a consumer product.

A medical object?

Obviously, Thync could help people who have suffered a head trauma to recover certain faculties, particularly in terms of memory. Just as this tool would relieve some people with depression.


And if the method can be perplexing, at a time when the omnipresence of the waves worries, Thync would like to reassure its users by indicating that it has carried out clinical trials on 2000 people.
If some people do not respond to treatment, the majority of them (two-thirds) say that the effects they feel are stronger and stronger than those obtained with the placebo method.

Since its creation in 2011, Thync has known raise 13 million dollars. Listed since the first half of 2015, this little assistant in your mood will find takers from $ 299. In addition, in order to support its first users, the company publishes since July 2015 ehealth testimonials to ensure its real usefulness, but also many tutorials to use Thync.

“It’s a way for us to go beyond our natural limits. We can now choose to be focused, calm or creative when we want to, "says the co-founder.




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