Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo, France

Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo, France

Sea & sleeping capital.

How to find your vital energy? This is the question answered by the Thermes Marins de Saint Malo, which is launching a new stay combining the benefits of the sea with a protocol to improve your sleep.

Thalassotherapy and Sleep.

A stay in thalassotherapy allows you to get back to sleep, a contemporary ailment that affects a third of the population for a duration that has decreased over the years, going from 9 hours to an average of 7 hours today.

With this stay, you will start with a medical visit to establish a first sleep report then you will continue with a sleep coaching session with a parameter of your DREEM headband, an innovation available since 2018 which arises at night and analyzes your sleep in function of your cerebral activity but also with your heart rate and your breathing. In addition to the data collected and the resulting analyses, this headband is capable of broadcasting sound sequences to facilitate falling asleep and waking up.

The “well-being sleep massage” just has to reach out to you during a new exclusive spa protocol. Signed Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo, it relieves tension, unblocks energy knots, optimizes detoxification and boosts energy, blood and lymphatic circulation. To complete your stay, room amenities are offered such as the choice of your pillow, the provision of the book “sleep for dummies” or even a mist.

Marine thermal baths of Saint-Malo

100 Boulevard Hébert, 35400 Saint-Malo

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