THERE IS A BIRTHDAY…. – Anti-Aging Secret

THERE IS A BIRTHDAY…. – Anti-Aging Secret

Yaaaaah, it’s that time again: it’s almost my birthday. Monday to be exact. Great time to share my wish list with you. Hubby, are you also paying attention ;-)?

Blouse by Sandro

I came across this beautiful blouse in London last month, but I can’t get it out of my head. Made of super soft silk with a beautiful bow. I want to hear that….


Sports pants by Deblon

Nowadays I am very good at sports. Of course, that includes a nice outfit, because that helps. I love the leggings from Deblon, for example.

return to sender notebook

Notebooks Return to Sender

I can never have enough of those nice, handy notebooks. I use them for my to-do lists, gratitude thoughts, and anything else I want to commit to the paper. I especially love the ones with gold or flamingos.

Earrings from Miccy’s

Look, what a gem. I love big, colored earrings that are also not too heavy. Miccy’s are often just my taste. Not bad at all, so to get a few more of these!

Mugs Return to Sender

I had a warm heart for the sustainable brand Return to Sender and that is why I am an ambassador for it with love. You help women and girls in developing countries. And it is absolutely not a punishment, because they have beautiful things. These mugs are ideal for my smoothies and have nice cheerful colors.

Ps next Wednesday at 19:30 pm I will share my favorite care and beauty products with you. From toothpaste to eye pencil to peptide serum and everything in between :-). Until then! x Mo

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