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Society is in a state of flux and needs are evolving very fast. With the boomer boom, the number of seniors is exploding and brands realize that they enjoy using technology as much as their younger counterparts! Seniors are even an important part of the smart health connected objects market. The aging population is encouraging designers to imagine smart health connected accessories that meet these new needs. It is necessary to take into account the needs of this segment of the population, so that seniors live their retirement in a more serene way. A brief overview of smart health connected objects dedicated to seniors!

What are smart health connected objects for seniors?

Reacting to hearing loss, analyze health-related data or benefit from remote alarms, smart health connected objects dedicated to the elderly are very varied and provide very different services. The desire to age at health home and stay independent is a wish dear to many people. smart health connected objects help them maintain their independence or overcome a physical disability. The development of the internet and the performance of the technology have allowed the creation of new objects dedicated to specific needs.

watch connected to the wrist of a senior

What types of applications are offered to smart health connected seniors?

Seniors have specific needs that were previously unheard of. Manufacturers have since understood the benefit of changing the offer of smart health connected devices designed for seniors. Here is a panel of smart health connected objects dedicated to the elderly.

The smart health connected hearing aid

Hearing aids are becoming more sophisticated. They are now using the best technologies to provide real hearing comfort to seniors. It is a real asset for seniors who have difficulty hearing and who tend to isolate themselves because they can not catch the conversation. It is for this reason that smart health connected hearing aids have been improved. Hearing aids can be associated with Bluetooth technology : It is therefore possible to receive calls directly via the hearing aid. But it is possible to use the possibilities of software and internet.

With a smartphone, you can navigate on different applications:

  • Communicate directly with hearing aids
  • Receive a notification in the hearing instrument when a nobody rings at the door
  • Manage the sound level and the sound of the environment thanks to a remote microphone
  • Listen to TV shows in connecting the TV to the hearing aid
  • Follow a program on the radio using the application, then broadcast directly into the hearing aids.

Monitor your health

The companies have decided to accompany seniors so that they can pay attention to the evolution of their physiological data. E-health applications have been developed to provide medical monitoring. It's a very precious help for monitor certain health problems or to detect symptoms which must be quickly reported to your doctor. Telemedicine services are expanding rapidly in order to make a diagnosis faster and act as quickly as possible. A smart health connected watch is able to check a heartbeat, trigger an alarm if the person falls or measure the stress rate.

Do more sports activities

To be fit, it is proven that it is essential to maintain a regular sporting activity. More and more seniors have understood and strive to achieve new sports goals. It is for this reason that apps and sports programs bloom. There are smart health connected services fully adapted to the needs of seniors, specifically designed for the physical conditions and opportunities of the elderly. Seniors benefit from precise coaching to support their physical activity. Soft or more intense activity, each person defines his program according to his sporting level. The bracelet or watch smart health connected can indicate the number of steps, follow a cardiac activity during the sport or analyze the intensity of the practiced activities.

Create social links

Dating between seniors, outings with people of the same age or exchange of good practices, smart health connected objects are also very interesting to help seniors to enhance their social relations. With retirement, people may tend to isolate themselves and find it difficult to create new connections. The creators of applications have understood this need and tried to meet the expectations of seniors. There are also smart health connected objects that can broadcast photos remotely: a smart health connected photo frame will display these new images sent by relatives through an application.

Analyze the quality of sleep

The importance of having a good sleep has been proven. When you sleep properly, the body regenerates the cells, the blood pressure goes down and the memory skills are more efficient. The body needs to sleep well to produce new cells and recharge. Having a good sleep routine is essential for the body to stay healthy longer.

This is where technology comes in: smart health connected objects analyze the quality of your sleep. We think in particular of sensors that evaluate the different phases of sleep, heart rate and waking periods. smart health connected sleep sensors are also particularly useful for people with sleep apnea.

Senior woman waking up in a room with connected objects

Lack of sleep involves great fatigue, irritability and may involve risk of depression. Using smart health connected devices provides an accurate analysis of the sleep cycle. Thus, you become aware of the quality of your sleep and the need to put in place some amenities to sleep better. The results are displayed directly on the smartphone!

smart health connected objects dedicated to the world of sleep can also offer a softer wake up function, during an appropriate sleep phase. Thus, no more violent and difficult awakening. The body wakes up much more naturally and you will feel better in everyday life.

With the evolution of life expectancy, manufacturers have clearly understood the need to focus their research on improving the lives of the elderly. There is already a wide variety of smart health connected objects for seniors, but the research is just ahead: we expect the creation of new devices even more effective!


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