The Internet of Things is Coming into the Game Industry

The Internet of Things is opening up new avenues for many industries. Today we're going to see its impact in the gaming industry.

In recent years, the gaming industry has grown considerably and continues to grow at high speed. In 2018, the gaming industry generated nearly $ 135 billion and is expected to reach $ 180.1 billion in 2021.

Today, the gaming industry is not only about making money, but also about bringing people together. The Internet of Things will provide even more immersive experiences.

So what are the possibilities for using IoT in the gaming industry?

the internet of things is coming to the gaming industry

The Internet of Things and Casinos

Among the most popular online mobile applications, there are many that relate to games of chance and casinos. The casino industry tends to use modern technology to attract new customers by moving the gaming platform from the real table to the web. In doing so, each person can play from your mobile device where she wants and therefore participate more often in the game.

What IoT technologies can bring to the online casino business is the experience of physical gaming. Since game companies cannot guarantee the gaming comfort of all online gamers, the use of IoT devices helps track and improve all aspects of gaming in the future.

What were the facial expressions during the game? What was the temperature? What about the quality of the Internet connection?

Online casinos could offer such IoT devices to their audiences to keep an eye on the game and improve it. Customer comfort is one of the most essential aspects of gambling.

The Internet of Things in Mobile Games

All of today's big games are designed for powerful consoles (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch are the most popular of them) and personal computers.

But what is the most widely used gaming platform that almost everyone owns and which occupies almost half of the world market? The answer is a cell phone. And if that surprises you, let us explain why it should not be overlooked.

The mobile game industry, like the Internet of Things, has grown tremendously in recent years. According to a recent study, it occupies a significant share of the world games market. Or 47% and is estimated at $ 63.2 billion.

One of the best examples of recent years is Pokémon GO. By combining AR and IoT technologies, Nintendo's game has traveled the world in search of magical creatures to catch. The game launched in June 2016 and hit a record $ 207 million in its first month of existence.

Real interactions with the game

What could improve the gaming experience even more than virtual reality and allow players to feel really drawn into the game? Real interaction with the gaming world. If it seemed like a dream ten years ago, it is now a reality thanks to the Internet of Things.

Developers in the game industry call it a tangible user interface. It's a real game change. The principle of his work is based on a very simple idea. Why should gamers use a controller that isn't always comfortable to play? Especially if they can use physical play items instead? The gaming experience would be much smoother if used with the right tools. It can really change the way games are viewed. In the past, some games (Guitar Hero and Wii Sport) used similar technology. But them with controllers smart health connected by cable. With IoT, things can be easier and make a real revolution in the gaming industry.


The Internet of Things offers great benefits for the gaming industry. Growing every year at a rapid pace. The industry is pushing companies to look for new solutions to stand out. By implementing the Internet of Things in games, the whole market can be changed once and for all.


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