The interest of growth factors in cosmetology

The interest of growth factors in cosmetology

By Dr. Valerie Leduc

In cosmetology, most creams or serums contain, among other things, hyaluronic acid for firm skintoned and hydrated, vitamin C for a hydrating, lightening and anti-wrinkle action, retinol for an anti-aging action and finally to glycolic acid (fruit acids, AHA) for effective exfoliation and enhanced hydration.

The contribution of growth factors of plant (barley, apple, etc.) or animal (snail, etc.) origin has already proven itself. In cosmetic surgerythe use of PRP (platelet-derived growth factors) is widely offered in other countries other than France where this technique is not authorized.

The skin is an organ on its own capable of regenerating itself thanks to stem cells and growth factors.

During the day, the skin undergoes many attacks and at night, it regenerates to face a new day. This phenomenon repeats itself throughout life.

Made up of superimposed layers, the skin regenerates them one after the other by renewing the skin cells. This cycle of reconstruction is very important and is done in 28 days on average. The epidermal growth factor or EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) is a natural protein present in plasma, which guarantees a healthy structure of the skin by promoting cell regeneration: it stimulates the growth, proliferation and differentiation of epidermal cells.

The growth factor will stimulate stem cells present at the level of the basal membrane of the epidermis: it will be their coach by delivering a message to them and thus activating them. When our skin is young it recovers quickly, but as we age our levels of growth factors decrease. Damage and visible signs of aging appear.

Very early, from the age of 30, growth factors epidermal lesions begin to become increasingly rare, are less effective but this can be compensated by the regular use of cosmetic products rich in growth factors.

In recent years, advances in biotechnology have made it possible to obtain growth factors from various sources: skin cells, bone marrow stem cells, or blood extracts or even other natural sources such as snails or certain plants like the apple.

To preserve healthy skin, the ideal growth factors are therefore produced by epidermal cells, fibroblasts, whose main function is synthesis of elastin and collagen fibers, as well as glycosaminoglycans which form the supporting matrix of the dermis.

Many recent clinical studies have proven the benefits of topically applied growth factor products. It is a real visible youthful look such as a smoothing of the skin with a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines, dilated pores, a boost of radiance, a unified complexion with an action on pigment spots as well as a marked improvement in inflammatory acne breakouts.

Active Serum AQ is particularly effective because it is the only patent that uses selective and stable growth factors of human origin at the effective concentration.

These proteins mainly cytokines and interleukins derived from biotechnology send a signal to inactive cells that boosts their ability to regenerate. Their presence is essential to the beauty of the skin, which depends on cell renewal. They are also essential for the culture of epidermal cells intended for cell therapy in severe burn victims.

Active Serum AQ is natural, its action is local, it is not toxic and its role is that of a messenger. The effects are quickly visible after regular application on all signs of aging, it also balances the skin’s ecosystem and acts on redness and pigment spots.

It represents the cosmetics of the future!

Dr. Valerie Leduc: Doctor Valérie is an Angiologist, Aesthetic Doctor and practices dermatological and vascular lasers. After the Atelier Médical in Paris near the Opera, Dr. Leduc created the Medical Center for pretty legs and the silhouette at the Spa of the La Réserve hotel in Geneva. She is back in Paris in the heart of the 8th arrondissement where she officiates in her new office “Médecine de la Beauté”.

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