The intelligent Dali lamp was unveiled by ByteDance

ByteDance unveiled the Dali smart lamp, its first consumer hardware product. It is a smart lamp with display that is part of its educational technology portfolio.

The Dali smart light comes with a screen, camera, and built-in digital assistant, retailing for $ 119. It is intended for school children who can use the device to finish their homework; ByteDance said at a press conference.

Thus, the smart health connected device will allow parents to give private lessons to their children and to register remotely via a mobile application.

The smart lamp could be a hit in China where, like in many other markets, a large number of parents struggle to find a balance between their work and personal life.

Zhou Kang, founder of Czur, a Chinese start-up making smart health connected devices, including smart lights that rival those of ByteDance, told TechCrunch that this is still a phase of experimentation for companies that make smart devices for kids.

“Customers will shape their software and content preferences. It will be difficult to stimulate demand for software through the sale of hardware. “

Also, ByteDance said that the smart lamp is part of the company’s push into its education category; which she now calls Dali Education. In Chinese, the word Dali means great strength. The Chinese giant, which owns the TikTok viral app, made a foray into the education category several years ago.

Today, the company operates a range of educational services, including GoGoKid. This app teaches children English lessons. Then there is also the Qingbei app. It reproduces the experience lived in the classroom. All of these products, including Guagua Long and Open Language, are now part of the Dali Education range.

Last year ByteDance also expanded its educational offering in India. Until New Delhi ban the application in the country at the end of June of this year. It was then his biggest market.

Finally, the company said that more than 10,000 employees are already working in its education division. It is not known if ByteDance plans to launch the Dali smart lamp outside of China.


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