The Independent Newspaper introduces the Anti-Aging Jade Roller

The Independent Newspaper introduces the Anti-Aging Jade Roller

The Independent Newspaper has published an article about the Jade Roller featuring the Anti-Aging Jade Roller. The article is titled What Is a Jade Roller and Should You Use One? It was published on May 19, 2018 by Sarah Young. To read the full article please click on the link at the bottom of the article or if you would like a quick summary please read on.

The article notes the huge popularity of jade rollers, which have currently accumulated over 10,000 hashtags on Instagram and are still counting. This mirrors the experience of Anti-Aging, whose high-end jade rollers are now featured on Cult Beauty, Planet Organic Stores and the Amazon Luxury Brand Store in Germany.

Originally used in ancient China, they were reserved for the wealthy and elite women of ancient China at a time when jade was more valuable than gold. Thankfully, times have changed and a quality jade roller such as that made by Anti-Aging is now within everyone’s reach.

The ancient Chinese believed that the jade roller balances qi (energy) and lifts and stretches the skin. Nowadays we prefer to say that the jade roller increases lymphatic drainage and increases microcirculation. Ultimately, the results are the same younger, more radiant skin.

For best results, use the roller for about 5 minutes daily. Always roll upwards and outwards and a little ancient Chinese trick always starts on the right side of the face and qi is believed to flow from right to left in the face.

The wonderful thing about this treatment is that it has no side effects, only benefits and, unlike many beauty treatments, it is extremely pleasant and relaxing.

There’s not much to lose, so if you’re interested, please read more about it luxurious jade roller and also go ahead and browse to the fullest Independent article online.

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