Lubricate, lubricate and lubricate some more. We get this fact from the people around us from an early age. Applying a good SPF reduces the risk of skin cancer and prevents premature aging of the skin. But did you know that the use of antioxidants in combination with a good SPF go together perfectly for the most optimal protection? Anti-Aging Secret entered into a conversation with the Van Rosmalen Kliniek, so that you know everything about the beneficial effects of this top combination!

What is the effect of the sun?

In our cold little country, many people enjoy the sun when it starts to shine. In addition to providing warmth and a nice tan, the sun also contributes to the production of vitamin D. Vitamin D, also known as the ‘summer vitamin’, boosts your immune system and contributes to the maintenance of strong teeth and bones . Despite the many positive effects that this ‘summer vitamin’ entails, unfortunately there are negative effects behind the radiation from the sun, which ends up directly on your skin. UV radiation can cause damage to DNA, which can eventually lead to skin cancer due to insufficient protection of the skin. In addition, the skin wants to protect itself against burning and the other effects of UV radiation, so that extra melanin (pigment) is produced, which can manifest itself in pigment spots. Another annoying side effect is that UV radiation speeds up the aging process. More than 80% of the signs of skin aging are caused by UV radiation. In short, the lovely sun seems harmless, but can affect your health and skin structure.

Protect the skin with an SPF

Many people do not know that an SPF, even in the fall and winter, is very important to add to your skincare routine. In the summer, the UV rays are more intense and have a stronger effect. However, this does not mean that in the other seasons no attention should be paid to protecting your skin against this harmful radiation. The skin specialists at the Van Rosmalen Kliniek emphasize that even on a cloudy day the skin must be protected with an SPF, because the harmful UV radiation still manages to reach the skin. This means that you are exposed 365 days a year to radiation that causes skin aging, pigmentation spots and wrinkles. In addition to protecting against UV radiation, an SPF cream also acts as a blocker for traces of air pollution. Due to the barrier layer that is created after applying an SPF cream, it is difficult for small polluted particles in the air to penetrate the skin. The following applies here; the higher the factor, the better the protection. Don’t like SPF with a white film? Fortunately, there are also sunscreens with a complexion, which you can immediately use as a foundation! There is also an SPF based on minerals, here mineral filters remain on the skin and reflect the UV rays.

The importance of antioxidants

Of course most people are aware of the importance of an SPF, but did you know that an SPF alone is actually not enough to optimally protect your skin? Antioxidants and an SPF go hand in hand and form the ‘golden combination’, for the optimal protection of your skin. Antioxidants contain several vitamins and minerals found in natural products. When we are young, the skin is full of antioxidants. But due to, for example, sun damage, the menopause, wrong (irritating) skin care products or illness, the skin loses the ability to produce antioxidants. The effect of an antioxidant acts as a protection for the skin against harmful substances, which are caused by the release of free radicals. These are neutralized thanks to the active vitamins and minerals. In addition to protecting against the sun’s rays, an antioxidant also protects against other free radicals, such as the blue light that comes from digital devices. In the absence of protection, the natural process of oxidation is impaired. As a result, free radicals damage our body cells, which can hinder the skin’s self-healing capacity, the breakdown of collagen and it can even disrupt cell division. Despite the fact that there are antioxidants in food, it has been proven that an antioxidant in the right proportions is very effective for the skin. A good skin care product with antioxidants is therefore something that should not be missing in your skincare routine. At the Van Rosmalen Kliniek, the skin therapists and cosmetic doctors only work with high-quality skin care products, which are also suitable for home use. A well-known among the antioxidants is the Skinceuticals CE Ferulic. This serum neutralizes free radicals and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. By using a well-functioning SPF (preferably factor 50) in combination with an antioxidant, you ensure that your skin is optimally protected against external influences, which are not necessarily visible with the naked eye.

Which Natural Antioxidants Complement Sun Protection?

If you want to limit the harmful effects of free radicals and want to be just one step ahead of the skin aging process, a number of factors play an important role, which you should adhere to as best as possible. Some of these points are:

· Eat plenty of fruit! Strawberries, melon, plums and (blue)berries in particular contain a lot of antioxidants.

· In addition to plenty of fruit, eat plenty of vegetables that are full of antioxidants. Think of broccoli, carrots, asparagus and cauliflower.

In addition, there are also natural antioxidants in your daily diet, which you can use to help your body counter the negative effects of free radicals. These include:

· Green tea;

· Vitamins C & E (all forms);

· Coffee fruit extract;

· Kiwifruit extract;

· Glutathione.

SPF & antioxidant benefits

The result of an SPF and antioxidant The effect of an SPF is, of course, very noticeable. Your skin remains even, you are less bothered by pigment and your skin does not burn in the sun. An antioxidant, on the other hand, helps limit free radical damage to the skin. This does not mean that you will suddenly look fifteen years younger, perhaps that you hardly even notice a difference. But that’s not to say that antioxidants don’t help your skin tremendously and keep your skin healthier and more beautiful in the long run! Research shows that antioxidants help with the following:

· Healthy, better skin cells;

· Reduce sun damage;

· Stimulate collagen production;

· Improving cell function;

· Improve elasticity.


After reading this blog you will be fully informed about the importance of an SPF in combination with an antioxidant. With summer approaching, it is important to be conscious of the protection of our skin. By including more antioxidants in your diet and skin care and applying an SPF daily, you ensure that you are optimally protected against free radicals and UV radiation. Not sure which products are best for your skin? Then you can always make an appointment with a skin specialist for a skin analysis and tailor-made advice!

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