The digital terminals of the GH Paris Saint-Joseph allow a large number of patients to be “completely autonomous”


They were speaking during a roundtable discussion by the Health TV Hub, as part of the Santexpo Live trade fair on March 10, on the theme of “the digitization of patient journeys and their efficiency”.

“A little more than 1,000 people spend” daily on these terminals and “half” of them can “be completely independent and see their doctor directly,” said Christophe Nicolaï.

The objective of these terminals deployed in the first quarter of 2020 “is [que les patients] may have [ce] contact with doctors “and” especially that they are not bothered with billing processes or administrative waiting times “, insisted the CIO.

“We did not need simple terminals that welcome the patient and redirect him, but terminals that allow him to be autonomous in his journey, to wait less and to have a little less interactions with a certain number of people who can be stressful during the patient journey, ”he continued.

Bernadette Dureau, director of projects, explained that, during the realization of the first models for the creation of these “facilitator terminals”, proposals were made to “patient focus” in order to “make the older people react. , professionals and young people “and see what they” expected and what their experience was “.

Following these “focus”, the device was improved, she explained. She conceded “that some patients will never be comfortable alone next to these limits”. As such, four reception agents are made available to support patients, near the terminals.

Overall, the elderly or younger are generally satisfied with the system, supported the director of projects.

The latter also recalled that the establishment has “for several years” a direction of the patient journey and structures and teams dedicated to patient care. [200 personnes environ] throughout his journey in and outside the hospital “.

This ranges from taking care of consultation appointments to welcoming patients, including scheduling their care in and outside the hospital, as well as support when they leave the hospital. ‘establishment.


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