The creation of the Grenoble CHU health data warehouse validated by the CNIL


This decision was made following a decision by the CNIL on October 10.

The Chuga thus becomes the fourth health establishment to obtain this authorization after the Public Assistance-Hospitals of Paris (AP-HP), the CHU of Nantes and the CHU of Lille.

Called Predimed (platform for gathering and exploiting biomedical data), this health data warehouse (EDS) will contain "all of the hospital's digital data, in order to have an exhaustive view of the patient," TICsanté explained. Pr Alexandre Moreau-Gaudry, co-coordinator of the Predimed project.

This includes "administrative, biology, care and imaging data". "Unstructured data, such as hospital reports" will also be stored in this EDS.

They will have priority "from 10 to 15 years, depending on the date of implementation of the information system" in the services, he said.

The total volume of data stored is not yet estimated, but the care data already represents "three to four terabytes".

Those of imagery represent "approximately 20 terabytes per year", "a volume which increases regularly", underlined Pr Moreau-Gaudry.

Predimed has several objectives "and not just research," said Jocelyn Dutil, director of research at Chuga. It "encompasses the whole hospital strategy". For this reason, "it is carried by the public health pole" of the CHU.

Predimed is currently "in a phase of selection and prioritization" of the various projects that will come from this data and finalization of the recommendations of the CNIL, in particular "in terms of patient consent".

Several projects are under study, concerning "automatic coding of acts", "rehospitalization factors", "the development of new malnutrition indicators" and an "observatory of medical devices", said Alexandre Moreau-Gaudry and Jocelyn Dutil.

The CHU had "a lot of contacts with start-ups and companies", hence the need "to target themes", stressed the latter. "We want to progress in stages and get all the hospital teams on board."

The private CHU partners "could potentially have access to data concerning their project", said Professor Moreau-Gaudry, "provided that their project is validated by the expert, scientific and ethics and professional conduct committees".

The technical infrastructure, including the accommodation center located within the CHU, has required an investment of 90,000 euros since 2018.

"There is no specific funding for the creation of data warehouses," deplored Jocelyn Dutil, hence the need for the CHU to finance the project from its own budget.

The Chuga was also accompanied "at the start of the project" by the company Hurence for the creation of the architecture of the EDS, at a cost of 36,000 euros. Based on free software, it has since been developed in-house.


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