The Chalets-Hotels of La Croix Fry, a family saga

The Chalets-Hotels of La Croix Fry, a family saga

At an altitude of 1400 m, between Annecy and Geneva in Manigod in the heart of the Aravis, in this secret and preserved valley of Haute Savoie which offers a breathtaking panorama, the Chalets-Hotels of La Croix Fry welcome you in summer and winter. It is in this extraordinary setting that Isabelle Loubet-Guelpa and Eric Guelpa, the children of Marie-Ange Guelpa-Veyrat and nephews of Marc Veyrat, the three-starred chef, have decided to continue the “family adventure” inherited from their great-great -mother Aline Burgat just 80 years ago.

For 4 generations, this tradition of family hospitality and a certain mountain way of life has been perpetuated.

Good blood cannot lie, coming from the fourth generation of Savoyard hoteliers, Isabelle Loubet-Guelpa and Eric Guelpa, her brother, manage masterfully and with passion this family affair of the Chalets-Hôtels de la Croix Fry & the restaurant “La Marie Ange’s table”, where this tradition of family hospitality and that of refined Savoyard cuisine is perpetuated with love and talent.

The “cosy” spirit and the “tartiflette”

In this alpine chalet built in 1939, Aline the great-grandmother founded one of the very first tables d’hôtes in France, her grandchildren Marc Veyrat, who has become the three-starred chef he no longer is. necessary to present and Marie Ange Guelpa-Veyrat then each followed their own path. In 1981 Marie-Ange therefore took over the reins of the establishment with her daughter Isabelle Loubet-Guelpa, she literally invented “the cozy spirit” and the “tartiflette”. As a true passionate throughout her life with craftsmen, peasants, villagers who had all known her since childhood, recovered old objects and wooden tools abandoned because they had become obsolete in the era of modernity, she was able to breathe a second life by turning them into decorative objects, and thus lavishing a lot of soul and warmth on these devilishly rustic chalets.

The passion for “welcoming well” as a legacy

When Marie-Ange passed away in 2009, Isabelle took up the torch and her brother Eric came to help her. Like her mother, Isabelle has a sense of hospitality that is deeply rooted in her body, attentive and considerate, her sunny personality works wonders and her work has also been rewarded with the 2014 Gault&Millau Hospitality Trophy. The recently awarded 4-star chalets brilliantly combine the Savoyard charm of yesteryear with modern comfort. Natural wood tones sit alongside the sheepskins thrown on the many sofas in the restaurant. Over the years the chalets have been renovated and readjusted to the new standards in force, becoming ultra comfortable with very contemporary decorative touches for some, the atmosphere is luxurious and soothing! The rooms and suites all have a panoramic terrace or a balcony facing the mountains, some with a jacuzzi. You will find here a beautiful invitation to a certain mountain way of life, authentic, warm, family and terribly cozy. The atmosphere is infinitely conducive to relaxation and a change of scenery.

“La table de Marie-Ange” an inventive & natural Savoyard cuisine. Chef Eric Guelpa’s cuisine, which was awarded 3 toques by the Gault&Millau Guide in 2012, obviously took off in his native mountain, with the family tradition of using herbs and plants in his cooking. From the reblochon pie for an aperitif, to an extra polenta soup with truffles, fine rissoles with porcini mushrooms and foie gras, but also a boletus and truffle risotto, an iced genepi soufflé… It offers refined and natural cuisine, regional products are legion and short circuits preferred.

The cheeses and butter come from the nearby farm of cousins ​​Mireille and Pierre, the fish from the nearby alpine lakes. The list is long but Eric Guelpa has been able to weave over time a whole network of local producers attentive to the quality of their products with whom he works hand in hand.

The Chalet-Hotels of La Croix Fry

Isabelle Loubet-Guelpa and the passion for plants

In addition to uncle Marc Veyrat and brother Eric Guelpa, great connoisseurs and users of plants in their respective kitchens, Isabelle Loubet-Guelpa, a graduate in naturopathy and working with local herbalists, thus reinforces the family tradition by learning all that nature is capable of. To offer on the fingertips, she concocts a sensational arnica balm herself, and also knows how to surround herself with staff aware of the environment and the benefits of plants like Sylvie the Spa masseuse. Isabelle Loubet-Guelpa has a genuinely curious and respectful approach to nature in general and the mountains in particular.

The Wellness area and the Spa or the luxury of “tailor-made”

We therefore of course find the “family philosophy” in the wellness area! In the hotel’s exclusive spa with its sauna, hammam and outdoor jacuzzi enjoying an incredible view of the mountain, you can relax after the tailor-made massages provided by Sylvie the masseuse with fairy hands and her home oils and creams. -made guarantees 100% natural and organic. The outdoor swimming pool below, heated in the summer, awaits you for a few breaststrokes or more…

This mountain in summer is a delight, it’s not for nothing that the people of Annecy come in groups to find a bit of freshness and pure air! Many activities are also offered there, hiking, botanical walks, summer tobogganing, paragliding, climbing via Ferrata (course located on a rocky route), mountain biking, pony riding and even water sports on the way down to Lake Annecy.

Most in summer

The “Alpine picnic” stay offered by the Chalets de la Croix Fry, a wonderful hike through the flower-filled alpine pastures to discover the flowers, herbs and mountain plants, or the “lunch” stopover at the old Alpine chalet dating from the 19thme with a view of Mont Blanc is the ultimate reward, before tasting the basket filled with local specialties generously cooked by chef Eric Guelpa.

Make a stop at Lo Garâjo. The new high-altitude concept café in Manigod, with its Lounge and tea room, a wine cellar, a juice bar and craft beers, a delicatessen, a boutique of unusual objects, a bookstore and a ceramic corner . Not to mention a panoramic terrace overlooking the Aravis massif.

The Chalets-Hotel of La Croix-Fry

Route du Col, 74230 Manigod

Tel: 04 50 44 90 16


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