For some, a visit to the cosmetic doctor is almost as common as a visit to the hairdresser or beautician. Injectable treatments are relatively accessible and effective in preserving a youthful and natural appearance. But when are botox and/or fillers useful? And until what age is only a peeling or IPL/laser treatment at the skin therapist enough? The experts at the Van Rosmalen Kliniek will list everything for you!

The aging process

Contrary to what the name of the blog suggests, of course we don’t stay 39 years for the rest of our lives. In your thirties, you may be able to postpone a visit to the cosmetic doctor for a while. With an IPL/laser treatment or peeling at the skin therapist in combination with cosmeceutical products, your skin will remain in good condition for the time being. Once we have passed the age of 40, the skin loses volume and elasticity. This is partly caused by the fact that the skin produces less elastin and collagen over the years. The connective tissue also becomes less firm and the muscle volume slowly decreases. In addition, the skeleton shrinks as we age and the skin becomes too large in proportion to the skull. The skin is looser, causing wrinkles to appear faster.

The aging process varies from person to person

Everyone gets older, but the first signs of aging will vary from person to person. Why this differs per person? This includes genetic predisposition, smoking, a lot of sun exposure, blue light, diet, stress and sleep deprivation. You can slow down the process by adopting a healthy lifestyle and taking good care of your skin, among other things. But at some point this will be insufficient to prevent wrinkle formation. One thing is certain: if you take good care of your skin from an early age and wish for the very best, you will benefit later in life. Because a good condition of your skin is the starting point for a beautiful, fresh and youthful appearance!

A fresh and youthful look in steps

The starting point of the step-by-step plan is to create a good skin condition. Unfortunately, there is no single ingredient that can meet all the complex needs of the skin. A combination of treatments and products can therefore offer a good outcome for inhibiting aging and maintaining a fresh appearance. In this we can support our body in the decrease of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Step 1: fresh and radiant skin with the right skincare

That’s what we’re going for! By taking good care of our skin every day, we increase its resistance. The result; a strong and firm skin. Could your skin use a pick-me-up? Then invest in products with high percentages of active ingredients that really do something for your skin: cosmeceuticals. Season your skin care products to the needs of the skin. During the winter months, the ozone layer is thinner, the atmosphere can absorb less UV radiation, so that the skin is also exposed to harmful solar radiation in the winter months. In the summer, the skin has to endure a lot more because of this harmful UV radiation. The sun stimulates the production of vitamin D, which ensures strong bones. But the downside is that this UV radiation damages our collagen. Do you spend a lot of time (unprotected) in the sun? Then you have a greater chance of pigmentation spots, wrinkles and an increased risk of skin cancer. So protect your skin every day, even on a rainy or cloudy day, with an SPF, such as the SkinCeuticals Ultra Facial Defense SPF50+. In winter, if the skin is a bit drier (with less moisture), use a nourishing day cream such as the Hyal Ceutic from Dermaceutic or a moisturizing serum, such as the Hydrating B5 from Skinceuticals. This serum can be used alone, or in combination with a nourishing cream, to give your skin an extra boost!

Step 2: treatments at the skin therapist

The second step is to undergo various skin therapies, with the aim of improving the structure and quality of the skin. For example, peelings and/or IPL/laser treatments can ensure a beautifully even skin, because, for example, pigment spots, red vessels and (acne) scars are tackled. In addition to peels and IPL/laser treatments, microneedling is also a suitable treatment method to slow down the aging process and make wrinkles and fine lines disappear.


It is important to rid your skin of dirt and dead skin cells. A peeling is a form of exfoliation, in which you remove the top layer of the skin, as it were (hence the name). A chemical peel penetrates several layers of the skin. The depth of the peeling completely depends on your wishes and what the skin therapists advise you. Because your skin responds to the peeling, natural repair mechanisms are activated, which ensures cell renewal and skin strengthening. This ultimately leads to a younger and fresh appearance.

IPL/Laser treatments

Do you suffer from pigmentation spots, red vessels, acne scars or wrinkles? By using laser and light equipment, many skin problems and cosmetic wishes can be addressed in a targeted manner. Lasers use light at a specific wavelength, which penetrate deep into the skin and are converted into heat. In contrast to peels, with an IPL/laser treatment no skin layer is removed, but the light from the laser is absorbed by the vessels, the skin cells and the water in the epidermis. Depending on the purpose of the treatment and which type of laser is used, it can result in an even, smooth and/or firm skin.


With microneedling, small channels are made in the skin by means of a special device; the dermapen. A dermapen consists of a series of tiny needles that vibrate into the skin. These channels are not visible to the naked eye. Microneedling starts the natural recovery of the skin and stimulates its own collagen and elastin production. This prevents sagging of the skin and will make the skin stronger, smoother and more even!

Microneedling RF

Microneedling in combination with radio waves ensures an even more beautiful and even result. The intense heat stimulates collagen production, so that the skin structure is not only strengthened, but also improved.

Step 3: treatments at the cosmetic doctor

Partly due to the aging process, the skin produces less elastin, collagen and sebum. The fatty tissue decreases, which can make the skin look less hydrated and wrinkle formation. At this point, it may make sense to schedule a consultation with a cosmetic doctor to discuss the options.


An injectable treatment based on Botulinum Toxin (also known as Botox), is particularly suitable for tackling superficial wrinkles and lines. Botox is a natural protein that can block nerve impulses. This protein is injected into the skin highly diluted to reduce the activity of certain muscles in the areas to be treated. This will make the fine lines on your face disappear and deep wrinkles will fade. Immediately after a Botox treatment, there may be some redness or swelling, or in exceptional cases some bruising. However, this disappears very quickly and you can camouflage this with make-up. An exposure time applies to the result of the treatment, because the effect of Botox must be initiated. This varies from person to person, but the maximum result is visible after two weeks and lasts about three to six months. By regularly repeating a Botox treatment, the results can remain visible for longer.


With a filler (based on our body’s own substance hyaluronic acid), deeper wrinkles are treated and the volume in the face can be restored. Think, for example, of sunken cheeks, a deep nose-lip fold, filling tear troughs or shaping cheekbones. A filler stimulates the production of collagen in our body, brings volume back to the face and improves the skin structure. Depending on the treatment zone, the treatment is performed with an ultra-thin needle or a cannula. Afterwards you may experience swelling, redness and/or bruising around the treated area. This disappears on its own after a few days. A treatment with fillers gives a nice correction between six to twelve months. After this, the effect will slowly diminish, because our body breaks down the filler naturally.

skin booster

A Skinbooster treatment is a diluted filler based on hyaluronic acid, which is used in several skin zones with a number of small injections. A Skinbooster is extremely suitable for tackling superficial lines in the face and is also called the ‘entry-level treatment’ for fillers. A Skinbooster refines the pores, firms and moisturizes the skin and is very suitable for treating wrinkles on the face and hands. Where botox and fillers are applied to existing wrinkles, the Skinbooster is a superficial treatment against skin aging. This ensures long-lasting hydration of the skin and an improvement of the skin quality. Since a Skinbooster treatment is based on hyaluronic acid, it is slowly broken down by your own body. For a good result, you should repeat the first treatment after four weeks (then every 8 to 9 months).

Could your skin use a boost? Make an appointment today at a clinic near you. Choose a clinic that is affiliated with the NVCG. Then you know for sure that your skin is in good hands!

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