Thalassa Sea & Spa Dinard

Thalassa Sea & Spa Dinard

Regularly rewarded by the World Luxury Awards, this establishment is both a place to recharge your batteries but also to prepare physically, see today “repair” especially after cancer.

Facing the bay of Saint Malo, located within the emerald coast and a good distance from Mont Saint Michel, the town of Dinard with 407 villas classified as cultural heritage is an ideal place to appreciate Brittany. The center has 173 **** rooms, 3 restaurants, a bar and 2800 m2 of thalasso and spa with 52 cabins. He happily and subtly brings together a menu of cutting-edge treatments in his Spa area (in partnership with the brands Skinceuticals and Thalasso Sea & Skin), feminine or masculine massages (with the Salin de Biosel brand) and highly elaborate programs in its Thalasso space.

We suggest you start your stay with the break “Relax and You by Biosel”, a combination of face, leg and arm massages. Then test the exclusive anti-aging sound “Matriporplus sublime mature skin” which, by painless electroporation, brings you a cocktail of anti-aging active ingredients composed ofhyaluronic acid, selenium and vitamins. A good start to be less stressed and have beautiful, luminous skin.

Thalassotherapy: the essentials

Thalassotherapy cures are particularly sophisticated. They can be done in half a day, in a day or over 4 and 6 days. It will be according to your objectives (energy, radiance, serenity, detox, recovery) and your rhythm (slow, balanced, strong)!

You will have the choice between a dozen cures including: My vitamin break, My D-stress anti-burn-out break, My Zen break, My my line break, My gentle young mother break (or De Gasquet method), My break vitamins for men, My healthy glow and menopause break, My pain and joint flexibility (or pain and posture) body repair break, My sea of ​​sleep break, My rejuvenating break to be reborn after my cancer. You can also opt for “signature programs” such as Performance Golf for green and recovery enthusiasts, for “parenthesis programs” such as Capital Slimming Performance or Cap Menopause or for shorter “Escales” such as Escale moment of complicity (at duet).

A break to be reborn after cancer

This cure “My rejuvenating break” is offered over 6 days and includes 20 treatments. It was developed by Joelle Colin, the director of the Thalasso Institute with the advice of Dr Cécile Bendavid, senologist-oncologist.

The objective of this formula is to find yourself after cancer, harmonize your emotions, demineralize and experience new sensations. You will have an appointment with an expert who will offer you daily progress including 1 Bach Flower counseling session, 1 impedance assessment, 1 coached session in the pool, 1 mindfulness relaxation session, 1 music therapy session in the room. multi-sensory, 2 aquarespiration sessions (one letting go in seawater). In terms of treatments, you will have access to 1 plantar reflexology, 1 Kansu (traditional Indian massage of the soles of the feet using a bowl made of an alloy of metals), 1 cranial massage, 2 body massages and 1 face and 7 thalassotherapy treatments.

I want to find restorative nights

A second innovative cure, “My sleep sea break” will allow you to find a good sleep and will help you to rest. It was designed by experts from a sleep center so that you can dissipate stress and fatigue, find a good biological rhythm and restful nights. Again, the appointment with an expert will be followed by 24 appropriate treatments including 5 sophrology and luxtherapy sessions in the room (exposure to intense white light of at least 2,500 lux), 2 Zen massages, 3 remineralizing wraps and 3 music therapy sessions.

Bathed in light, with large open spaces towards the sea, this establishment should allow you to find an Olympic form (know that many world sports teams settle there regularly) to bubble (in the swimming pool of water of sea ​​at 29°…), to move (sea course at 33°…) and to let go.


1 Avenue du Chateau Hebert 35800 Dinard 33 (0)2 99 16 78 10

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