I love wonderful facials. You know it; Let yourself be pampered and pampered by professional hands. And in the meantime you are also doing very well in terms of maintenance of your skin, so what more could you want? Recently I was treated to such a great treatment by Soap Treatment Store in The Hague.

Before I entered the stylish shop at Noordeinde, I really had no clue what it was going to be that day. It is of course high summer (or at least it should be…) and because of that certain treatments are off. So I decided that I would just surrender to the experts on the ground. But at Soap they turn out to be at home in all markets. They also have the so-called ‘help me, I don’t know what to choose treatment”† Extremely relaxed, because they thoroughly analyze the condition of your skin and then give tailor-made advice. Everything in consultation, because in addition you can simply indicate what you do or do not want.

My skin turned out to be in need of hydration, according to the expert Janny, so at least there was work to be done in that area. Successively, there was first double cleaning and then exfoliation with rice powder. By the way, I can imagine that you don’t immediately say ‘aha’ with this, but exfoliation means that the horny layer of the skin is thinned. The ultimate result is the production of collagen and a better absorption of active substances. And that gives you a nicer and smoother skin. that’s niceHowever?

After the thorough exfoliation session, a super nourishing multivitamin mask followed, which took a while to absorb. During this waiting time, my lashes and eyebrows were upgraded with a nice tan. Then there was also an intensive connective tissue massage. This collagen-boosting treatment can sometimes hurt a little, but hey, it’s for a good cause of course! And as a bouncer I was also spoiled with a wonderful classic massage, because I couldn’t choose, remember?

I think you understand that after this very extensive and varied treatment I am completely chill got off the treatment chair. And not only that, my skin looked really tight, shiny and Anti Aging proof from. So quickly repeatable!

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