Sunlight Screen 50+ sun care from the ENEOMEY Laboratory

Sunlight Screen 50+ sun care from the ENEOMEY Laboratory

The first integral and anti-aging light protection

The Sunlight Screen 50+ sunscreen from ENEOMEY Laboratory is your new daily protective gesture: it not only prevents the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays during your exposure to the sun, but also blue light (emitted from your screens in particular) and infrared throughout your day.

Inspired by nature, Sunlight Screen 50+ is composed of photostable filters, BIOx, and a repairing complex. It limits the appearance of brown spots caused by sun exposure and preserves the youthfulness of your skin. Thanks to its broad spectrum of protection, your skin is protected and hydrated, and your complexion is even.

Most ? Its texture is melting, is totally invisible on application and it is water resistant.

Made in France. Available in pharmacies and parapharmacies. Recommended retail price: €30 for a 50ml tube.

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