Sunken eyes or hollow eyes? see the solution here!

Sunken eyes or hollow eyes?  see the solution here!

Do you suffer from sunken eyes? In other words, eyes that get deeper and deeper in your face? And also eyebrows that will hang? Well, that has to do with getting older. Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t make you prettier. Fortunately, cosmetic doctor Annemarie van Rosmalen knows what to do with hollow eyes, sagging eyebrows and other (cosmetic) eye problems. So quickly read her latest article on Anti Aging!

Eye rescue: the solution for sunken, hollow eyes

Skin aging

Aging of our skin is a non-stop process that causes collagen loss, loss of volume in the face, especially on the sides (temples) and the cheekbones. This causes eyebrows to drop, resulting in a tired look. Drooping eyebrows are mainly caused by the muscles around the eyes and the frown. These muscles pull your eyebrows down slightly. But external factors also play a role in aging, such as loss of elastin (resilience) and collagen, UV radiation, infrared radiation, air pollution, incorrect diet, smoking and stress.

Sunken eyes or hollow eyes

As we age, the fat around our eyes disappears and the eyes sink in deeper. This causes bags under the eyes and you get sunken eyes. But not only that. When the skin around the eyebrows slackens, the eyelids appear heavier and wrinkles and fine lines appear in the forehead. All in all, things don’t always get better as we get older. But… the good news is that there is a non-surgical treatment for sunken eyes, which focuses on both contour improvement (eyebrow lift) and wrinkle control (Botox® treatment of frown and crow’s feet). This method against hollow eyes is called the Eye Rescue.

Face contour improvement: eyebrow lift

With age, the skeleton shrinks, resulting in sharply rimmed eye sockets, hollow temples and the development of tear troughs and bags under the eyes. The muscles pull the eyebrows down. The sunken eyes make for an angry and tired look. By treating the entire area around the eye sockets with Hyaluron fillers, the face gets softer contours and a fresh look. And the hollow eyes disappear!

With the eyebrow lift we treat the area around the eye sockets (above the eyebrow, the temple and below the eyes) with Hyaluron fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that also occurs in our own skin, but this decreases with age. This temporary filler improves the shape of the face. Over time, the substance breaks down and leaves the body. The doctor first makes puncture holes with a thin needle, and then inserts the Hyaluron filler into the area to be treated with a cannula. The use of a cannula reduces the risk of swelling or bruising. The result, a fresh look, which is visible immediately after the treatment. You will enjoy this treatment for about 1-1.5 years. The eye area will look less concave and sunken.

Wrinkle control: treatment of crow’s feet and frown with Botox ®

The eyebrows are pulled down by the frown muscle. Crow’s feet and frown pull down the eyebrows, resulting in a tired and gloomy look. In some cases it is enough to relax the muscle with Botox ®, which brings the muscles back into balance. The eyebrows are slightly lifted, resulting in a youthful appearance and relaxed look.

This treatment takes about five minutes and is virtually painless because the skin is cooled during the treatment. The result is visible after about a week. To maintain the result, this treatment should initially be repeated every three/four months. Over time, the result will remain visible for longer.

Who is treatment for sunken eyes suitable for?

The Eye Rescue treatment for sunken eyes is suitable for people from 40 years old. For the best results, you can combine the eyebrow lift with an eyelid correction of the upper and/or lower eyelids. Do you want to postpone the eyelid correction for a while? Then have the frown and crow’s feet treated with Botox ®. Then you retain the result of the eyebrow lift longer, because the position of the eyebrows determines the extent to which the eyelids hang over.

In addition to the treatment at the cosmetic doctor, you can go to the skin therapist for an ST laser (Skin Tightening) to tighten the area under the eyes, or a peeling for hydration and against fine lines.

Do you want to know more about this topic? Or about other cosmetic treatments? In the section ‘cosmetic treatments’ you will find everything you are looking for about beautiful and responsible corrections to your face. Be sure to take a look!

Annemarie van Rosmalen
cosmetic doctor

PS: also see the video that the Van Rosmalen clinic made about this.

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