SugarBEAT will revolutionize glucose measurement

Diabetes affects hundreds of millions of people around the world, and the biggest names in technology such as Google are trying to develop painless measurement and tracking systems. The American giant has even partnered with a company specializing in the design of equipment for glycemic patients. This is the case of Nemaura Medical, which has developed SugarBEAT, a connected smart health device that measures the level of glucose in the blood. permanently.

The millions of diabetics around the world know that it is important to accurately monitor their glucose levels. Currently there are systems that allow them to monitor the level of glucose in their blood alone but they are not necessarily practical and require to be stung several times during the day. Fortunately, manufacturers are looking to develop less invasive and less restrictive systems.

In the meantime, here is a device that should appeal to diabetics. The SugarBEAT system includes a sensor and a disposable patch that adheres to the skin, an application for smartphone, tablet and smart watch and also a reader equipped with an LCD screen to read the data collected by the sensor. It will enable diabetics to constantly monitor their glucose levels by finger pricking only once in the day, just before applying the patch.

SugarBEAT: a non-invasive and painless method to monitor glucose levels

The SugarBEAT patch can be attached to different parts of the body, on the arm, abdomen or leg. Once in place, it will send the information via Bluetooth to the user’s smartphone, with the dedicated application installed, or on a small portable device. The patch is disposable, usable for 24 hours, while the sensor has a life of two years.

The patch will measure the glucose level via the interstitial fluids of the skin, so it is devoid of needle. However diabetics will not escape the puncture that will have to be done once for the calibration of the sensor, each time they change the patch. Measurements can be made every 5 minutes for an accurate assessment of the evolution of glucose levels.

Helping patients better manage their disease

The SugarBEAT system will be suitable for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients. It will allow them to better manage their disease by knowing their blood glucose levels at all times and to define what is needed. causes hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia in their lifestyle. In addition, users will be able to configure alarms when a glucose level is too high or too low. This will prevent possible incidents and allow the patient to take appropriate action.

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