For a while I suffered from extra lines around my eyes and the best existing bags. And when more and more friends started asking if I wasn’t working too hard (it was before the sabbatical), I realized it was time to pay a little more attention to my eye contour.

As you may know, for the maintenance of my skin I visit the Van Rosmalenkliniek in Rotterdam. He advised me to use 2 liniments to tackle the eye area: namely Derma Lift 5.0 from Dermaceutic and Bio Logic from Innoderm

What is it?

First of all, more about the Derma Lift 5.0. This is a powerful lifting serum that works especially well around the eyes. It contains peptides and a pullulan extract, which gives you a lifting effect. And ceramides, bakuchiol, panthenol and also a mineral cocktail provide hydration and recovery of dehydrated skin. Sounds good, right?

1-bio-logic-www-forever39-nlThen the Bio Logic. This is a highly hydrating serum/moisture mask with hydronic acid as the main ingredient. And there are only natural substances in it, which I think is a huge plus. Furthermore, it is not greasy, is easy to spread and you can use it over your other care product.

My experience

I have been using both products for a while now. First you apply the Derma Lift. Let it absorb for a while (you can brush your teeth in the meantime) and then apply a layer of Bio Logica to the eye contour (and possibly the rest of the face). So not very complicated.

And the result? See the uncensored photos below, I think they speak for themselves. The first photo is before the lubrication of the products.


And tadáááhhhh…, the photo below is from yesterday (without any filter/edit of course).


I do think it makes a difference. The fine lines have faded and my puffiness has become much less. Also, the blue/purple color under my eyes is not so noticeable anymore. Furthermore, the skin around my eyes is tighter, fuller and more radiant. In short, I am very happy with the result. So one thing is for sure: these products keep a permanent place in my beauty routine. I love them!

Dermaceutic Derma Lift 5.0 69.00 euros

Organic Logic Hyaluronan 55.00 euros

Both products are available through the Van Rosmalenkliniek

ps: recently I have been testing an extra product: vitamin C drops from SkinCeuticals. More news about this coming soon!

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