Do you ever think about a visit to a cosmetic doctor, or are you just curious about the possibilities? Then read the article below by Annemarie van Rosmalen about fillers. She is a cosmetic doctor and is involved in making people more beautiful on a daily basis. She previously wrote an article for the Pop-up Store about the possibilities of botox.

Is it possible to age beautifully?

Over the years, we lose our natural fill and the shape of our face changes. That creates a different appearance, tired, angry or grumpy. Everyone would rather look flat in the mirror than lean forward. You cannot ultimately win the battle with time, but looking good is certainly possible if you opt for a treatment with fillers.

Fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a product of the body, which is broken down in the same way as the natural product in the skin. They can give a fresher look again by subtly improving the shape of the face. It also makes the skin healthier, because a hyaluronic acid absorbs water and makes the skin shine. Fillers can make you just a little bit more beautiful, or, as it were, stop time so you can age beautifully very slowly. One not permanent filler stays in place due to direct ingrowth of natural tissue, can never move and is slowly broken down after which the result disappears. The use of permanent fillers is prohibited in the Netherlands.

A filler treatment is a relatively simple procedure of about fifteen minutes per zone and gives a good result between six and twelve months. After treatment, some redness, swelling or blue discoloration may occur around the injection site.

You can achieve really nice results with fillers. For example, see the lady in the photo. The left is before the treatment and the right is after. For example, she has received fillings in her cheeks, her jawline has been tightened and the nose-lip fold has been softened with filling. A beautiful, natural end result.

Start the maintenance of your skin in time and choose a good, NVCG certified doctor who has specialized in it full-time and uses good products. In De Van Rosmalen clinic we only work with approved fillers, which have proven themselves for years. Do you also want a fresh look with fewer wrinkles and shadows in your face? Then a treatment with fillers might be something for you. You can make an appointment with me for a free consultation.

Annemarie van Rosmalen
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