Stephanie Schrama tells about eternal youth

Stephanie Schrama tells about eternal youth

Do you remember Stephanie who lost 20 pounds? This time she talks about eternal youth and how you can rejuvenate yourself by exercising. Stephanie, fire away!

The fountain of youth

Dear readers of Anti Aging,

Here I am again, and now with a piece about the secret of ‘eternal’ youth. Because… does that exist? The answer is: yes!! Exercise and a healthy diet will go a long way.

A while ago you could read how I lost 20 kilos. But if I hadn’t built extra muscle, I would have lost even more than 30 pounds… That’s because my body composition (the ratio of fat to muscle) has radically changed. Because while I lost weight I did more than just eat differently or less (read: much less sugars, more proteins and less saturated fats). I moved and built muscle mass. And muscle mass is heavier than fat (because it is more compact).

What is striking is that I am not only slimmer, but also look younger, more energetic and happier than a few years ago. My hormones are much less bothersome and my skin has become firmer, for example. And that without Botox… hahaha. To prove how unimportant the weight on the scale alone is, I wanted to show you the photo below. This woman hasn’t lost weight, but she really does look completely different. What happened?

She looks younger, has tighter skin, she is slimmer and more muscular. And no, that has nothing to do with ‘good genes’ or with just eating less, but everything with the total effect that exercise, or rather moderate-intensity exercise (in combination with good nutrition) has on your body.

By sports I mean absolutely not: cardio with your tongue on your knees and until you drop. This causes your body too much stress and that leads to an excess of cortisol. This useful, but also harmful hormone negates all the positive effects mentioned below. By sports I mean: 1 hour a day brisk walking (a little sweating is part of it ;-)), possibly interspersed with a few short sprints and only 1 or 2 x a week a maximum of 45 minutes of strength training. Work towards it calmly and make it a regular part of your daily life. Just like shopping or going to the toilet. And it really doesn’t matter how old and/or heavy you are when you start! Still wondering why you would go to that effort? Here is a (very condensed!) list of benefits of exercise:

– stimulation of collagen production (firm skin and muscles). It thus contributes to the reduction of existing wrinkles and delays wrinkle formation

– improvement of blood flow (cell renewal): more/better hair, a more beautiful and stronger skin and nails

– improvement of digestion: nutrients are better absorbed and healthy intestines produce ‘feel good’ substances. Exercise in the open air has been proven to improve symptoms of depression and to increase resistance to pathogens, but also stress.

– balancing your total hormone balance. It ensures that you suffer less from menopausal complaints or other complaints that are hormone-related, such as dry / restless skin, reduced libido, reduced fertility, mood swings, sleeping problems, binge eating, osteoporosis and hot flashes.

-increase in bone density (i.e. decreases osteoporosis: fewer/no fractures).

– it reduces the effects of long-term stress, because exercise lowers cortisol. As a result, the roll of fat in the abdominal area disappears (hello waist!!), the good cholesterol rises and the bad decreases (healthier heart, healthier blood vessels).

– it slows down (in combination with a healthy diet) the natural ‘shortening process’ of your telomeres. The telomere is the part of your DNA that shortens as you get older. Once too short, cell division ends and we are at the end of our lives. Compare it to the wick of a candle. New research shows that you can lengthen your telomeres through exercise and nutrition. So you can get older and stay younger.

stephanie schramaDo you want to know more about sports and nutrition or do you have any questions? Email Mo or me! ( I’ll be happy to tell you more about it soon! Also follow me on instagram: happy_healthy_fit_you

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