Stay young: the right attitudes to adopt according to your age

Stay young: the right attitudes to adopt according to your age

We all (or almost) want to look younger, without necessarily going through Botox or deploying superhuman efforts. And quickly as much as you can because seeing results is motivating. It is in this spirit that we have selected these anti-aging solutions, from the simplest to the most original, always pleasant and effective.

At 30, good anti-aging practices

We take more juice

Why :“Homemade fruit or vegetable juices are better accepted by those who don’t like vegetables very much, notes Julie Delorme, dietitian-nutritionist. We remove the fibers, but it is better to provide vitamins and minerals from food than by swallowing capsules. »

How? ‘Or’ What :“Doing a cure of two to three days maximum, allows you to rest your intestines and reconnect with your feelings of hunger. » A good idea therefore, coupled with a starter effect to take care of yourself. For this, drink as much juice as necessary, eating a banana or an avocado if you are hungry.

We charge Nike+ Fuel

Why : physical inactivity has become public enemy number one of good health. The risks of overweight, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease increase with the number of hours spent sitting.

How? ‘Or’ What : a study by the University of Utah (USA) shows that walking two minutes per hour increases life expectancy. To motivate yourself, you can load the Nike + Fuel app if your phone has a built-in step counter, or if not, Runtastic pedometer (for Android, on Google play). These new tools will help you reach 10,000 steps per day to become super-active.

We pedal in the face of the action

Why :“It’s quite amusing, says Dr Frédéric Saldmann, author of Take charge of your health (ed. Albin Michel). Scientists have measured caloric expenditure while watching a horror movie. The more stressful the film, the more the basic metabolism increases. » Watching The Shining sitting on your sofa can burn 184 calories! However, there is no question of eating chips without doing anything in front of the TV.

How? ‘Or’ What : three times a week, watch your favorite series while pedaling on an exercise bike (from €100 at Intersport, space-saving elliptical Domyos VE 200 Silver, €149, Decathlon). “You get a taste for it thanks to the soap opera effect”, says Dr. Saldmann.

Smoker, we test the e-cigarette

Why : tobacco accelerates the aging of all organs. The effect is major on the skin. Wrinkles, spots, puffiness, oval face… researchers have studied the quality of the skin of 79 pairs of identical twins, smokers or not, and the results are clear. Despite persistent questions about its long-term safety, e-cigarettes help smokers quit or reduce their tobacco consumption.

How? ‘Or’ What : choose a model that benefits from Afnor standards in order to prevent a battery from overheating and exploding in your hand and with an e-liquid containing quality ingredients (XP D90-300-1 and XP D90-300-2 standards ).

At 40, good anti-aging practices

We sleep more

Why : lack of sleep doesn’t just depress the mood or the immune system. It also affects facial features as well as skin quality. However, we do not always know how much this fatigue ages and gives a sad look.

How? ‘Or’ What : for two weeks, we sleep 8 hours a night, no less.

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We expose ourselves to the cold

Why : Whole body cryotherapy lowers skin temperature by approximately 8°C. This effect, coupled with vasoconstriction of vessels, improves performance and recovery while reducing inflammation and pain.

How? ‘Or’ What : first check with your doctor that no abnormality (hypertension, heart, respiratory or circulatory problem) prevents you from staying one to four minutes at -110°C. Then, prefer a center under the responsibility of a physiotherapist or a nurse (addresses on, Cryokiné in Marseille…). A session costs between 45 and 50 €, and is enough to feel much healthier.

We treat ourselves to a detox yoga

Why :“It’s a yoga with more twists to mobilize the digestive system and more inverted postures to massage and cleanse the organs, says Nadège Lang, creator of Yoga and co, in Paris. It also insists on the work of the thigh muscles and makes you sweat more to eliminate”.

How? ‘Or’ What :“It is better to start with one session per week before embarking on an internship”, advises the teacher. Many gyms now offer this course. If you can’t find one, a very well done video is available on YouTube: Detox Yoga, by Yoga with Adriene. It is advisable not to eat before.

We dare anti-stress coloring

Why : it’s a moment dedicated solely to oneself, which allows you to clear your head. The breathing calms down without our thinking about it.

How? ‘Or’ What : choose a time when you can isolate yourself mentally, and a notebook whose models you like. The rewarding effect of the do it yourself will be even greater.

At 50 and over… good anti-aging practices

We take care of his appearance

Why : standing tall makes you look taller, younger, and dynamic.

How? ‘Or’ What : to work on your posture, straighten up, tighten your stomach, imagine a thread connecting your head to the sky. To strengthen and tighten the skin of the arms, do 10 minutes of dumbbells (1 kg) every day.

We cook a veggie day

Why : some 35% of adults do not eat enough vegetables*, which nevertheless reduce the risk of overweight, obesity and cancer. Following at least one veggie day per week allows you to eat more vegetables and reduce meat consumption which, ideally, should not exceed 500 g per week.

How? ‘Or’ What : to get the right dose of protein, Julie Delorme offers two slices of wholemeal bread spread with mashed almonds or hazelnuts for breakfast.

For lunch or dinner: 150 to 200 g of quinoa salad, lentils, tofu; vegetarian chili, a plate of pasta with zucchini, eggplant, bound with grated tomato and pesto, or vegetarian couscous with fruit. “Vitamin C in fruits and vegetables binds the iron in pulses. Tea, which has the opposite effect, is drunk between meals. »

* Source: INCA2, Individual national study of food consumption 2006-2007.

We hike freely

Why :“The ideal length of vacation is one week, to be scheduled two months in advance because thinking about it increases the pleasure, says Dr. Saldmann. Benefit extends for five weeks after return. »

How? ‘Or’ What : book a walk in the mountains, in the forest or in the desert. Tour operators offer to get away from everyday life at affordable prices (La Balaguère, Chamina voyages, etc.).

We get a massage

Why :“The shiastu relaxes, relaxes the muscles and activates the circulation of blood and energy”, explain Sayaka Nagatomo and Tiphanie Buisson, co-founders of the Yuzuka space in Paris. This manual technique identifies and restores imbalances.

How? ‘Or’ What : schedule one session per week for the first two weeks, then one per month. To find a practitioner: French Federation of Traditional Shiatsu, tel. : 01 42 29 64 22.

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