Stay smart health connected with the electric bike, Yunbike X1


At CES Asia held in Shanghai, an electric bicycle caused a sensation: the Yunbike X1 from Yunmake.

Yunbike X1, smart health connected bike

Electric bikes are common in China, but Yunmake differentiated of its competitors with its foldable bike, the Yunbike X1, by making it a smart health connected bike! For example, the bike can connect to your smartphone via an app and you will lock it. The application, for its part, includes the GPS navigation, the possibility of doing the bike diagnosis as well as controlling the battery level and allows you to find your friends who also have the Yunbike X1. If, for battery saving, you don't want to use the app, there is a screen on the bike that will show you time, your current speed as well as the battery level.

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A bike like no other

Regarding his autonomy, She is from 25km. If your journey is much longer, then it is better to take the bus. Her speed as for it can reach 25km / h. The Yunbike was designed for the chinese market and it’s not quite like other bikes because there are no pedals, which will not save you if you run out of battery. His low weight (16kg) will allow you to carry it everywhere without difficulty, although it is no less robust.

Like most of the products presented at CES, there is currently no release date for the Yunbike X1. However, a spokesperson said it could be sometime in July 2020. The price, too, has not been announced. We just have to wait for an official announcement this summer.


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