Sport weight and cellulite, how to improve your figure

Sport weight and cellulite, how to improve your figure

Regular physical activity unfortunately has difficulty overcoming well-established and localized cellulite. Sport is nevertheless a good prevention and a good means of treatment because it acts on several factors of cellulite.

It improves arterial and venous circulation in general and promotes tissue oxygenation. It increases lipolysis (this is when fat cells get rid of stored fat). From approximately 30 minutes of average sporting activity, the body will be able to draw energy from the fatty tissue.

Sport preserves muscle mass, which ensures a good combustion metabolism (the body “burns” its calories better when the muscle mass is important).

Sport also sculpts the silhouette

Having a pretty silhouette is not something acquired in our Western societies. We will remember for example that 80% of French women are not satisfied with their weight. This is part of a logical behavior when we know that between 20 and 50 years a European woman grows, on average, 10.6 kg.

In fact, this weight gain is part of a general framework of physical and athletic deconditioning and does not correspond to an increase in calorie consumption. Acquiring a pretty silhouette is therefore only a struggle against this deconditioning and weight is only one of the factors.

We can summarize the “pretty silhouette”, artificially, in three data:

– no excess fat
– good musculature, not hypertrophic but not hypotrophic
– good statics synonymous with a good harbour.

Excess fat or cellulite

All recent studies confirm that unbalanced diets that banish one of the energy families (lipids, proteins, carbohydrates) have no proven benefit. Only a slight calorie reduction, of the order of 750 cal daily, generates a valid slimming. Because the goal is not to lose weight quickly but to lose weight for a long time. The “calorie hole” with a sudden decrease of more than 1000 Cal per day must also be banned.

Fat overloads have specific locations in relation to hormonal production. But the “brioche” or the saddlebags are the witness of a global process and do not disappear with so-called specific exercises (abs-glutes for example).

Fight against muscle wasting (amyotrophy)

It is the key element of the silhouette. First for the simple reason that muscle is said to be a “metabolic trap” which will burn many more calories than fatty tissue. It is therefore “sufficient” to build muscle to refine.

A muscle that is not used progressively destroys all its motor endplates and leads to real “polio” and fatty degeneration. At this point, “you can’t build fat” and the game is over. This amyotrophy appears first on the round muscles (glutes, deltoids, etc.) which are to be worked on as a priority.

Bodybuilding evolves in phases. It begins with the “recruitment effect” which awakens dormant fibres. It is therefore logical that the muscular work has a significant inertia before having a visible translation. The second stage is the hypertrophy of muscle fibers but is very labile and is quickly lost in the absence of stress. The true multiplication of fibers takes about 7 years to form.

Static and silhouette

If the body does not move, over the years it evolves towards the so-called “skier” attitude: loss of lumbar lordosis, dorsal kyphosis, flexum of the arms and knees. It is necessary to combat this very deleterious effect of aging on the aesthetic level but also in the risk of lumbar pain by specific exercises.

Electromyographic recordings have shown that it is the stabilizing muscles of the spine that must be worked as a priority (rarely done in a classic bodybuilding framework): multifidus, psoas, transverse, square of the loins. Stretching work in order to maintain a good range of motion is also important.

In conclusion: 5 recipes to improve your figure

  • eat a little less but for a long time
  • forget the weight to think only “general fitness”
  • maintain functional capacity (fun activity: tennis, climbing, football, etc.)
  • try to do a minimum of 3 sessions / week with alternating endurance and resistance exercises
  • know how to regularly work the 4 stabilizing muscle groups of the spine

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