Spa treatments in Serbia -I Anti Aging

Spa treatments in Serbia -I Anti Aging

The land of 350 mineral and healing springs.

By Thierry Piolatto

It happens that Serbia is called “the Republic of Spas” and it’s true that with its many thermal springs and its wellness and spa facilities, this dynamic country could very quickly rank among the essential “health” destinations in Europe. We invite you to discover four very good addresses that will get you back on your feet and allow you to discover this country from another angle.

Bukovicka Banja Spa Treatment and Hotel Izvor

This charming region has many assets because in addition to its thermal baths using “Bukovicka” mineral water, it has many recognized wine properties. Wine lovers, welcome!

The IZVOR hotel has 165 rooms including 16 suites. Resolutely modern and managed by an international team, it offers refined cuisine in its two restaurants thanks to the remarkable work of its chef and numerous wellness offers including a splendid indoor swimming pool. You will be able to take full advantage of its Spa which has developed a complete offer including facial treatments including mesotherapy, microdermabrasion, radio frequency, anti-aging treatments based on collagen or hyaluronic acid (try “Ocean Secret” based on pearls white caviar…), various massages such as a foot massage, reflexology, lymphatic drainage (opt for the chocolate-based massage) and body treatments such as the Vichy Spa based on mud wraps.

Spa treatment Vrnjacka Banja and Hotel Fontana

The town of Vrnjacka has a long tradition of thermal baths with several mineral springs that you can taste in the town centre. A few steps from the famous bridge of love, you will find the Fontana hotel particularly well equipped for a wellness stay (1000m2 of spa) and business in one of its 176 rooms and 36 suites. With its 3 indoor swimming pools allowing hydromassage, its jacuzzi area including no less than 3 saunas, a hamman and a relaxation room, one of which is based on salt spray, you will be able to regenerate yourself. We also advise you to try one of the many treatments on offer, in particular a “signature” treatment for the face. For those who want more intense treatments, an offer of ultrasound liposuction or even microdermabrasion is available. Diagnoses can be made by the medical team and you will receive your results very quickly thanks to the laboratory installed within the establishment itself. Do not hesitate to book the medical package that suits you (please note that a dental practice is also available).

Spa treatment in Prolom Banja and Hotel Radan
Prolom Banja is a thermal complex that belongs to the rare group of waters with high balneological value: highly alkaline, low mineral content and bicarbonate. In these thermal baths, all health care is based on its water, “Prolom voda” internationally recognized for its exceptional properties. The region is splendid and located at an altitude of 550 m allowing great walks in the mountains. The Radan hotel and the typical restaurants located on the banks of the river will offer you comfort and a guaranteed change of scenery. On the care side, you can perform electrotherapy, wraps, hydrotherapy, dermabrasion. An on-site laboratory will deliver your results in real time.

As for tourism, take the opportunity to visit the “Devil’s City” which is a candidate for the “New Seven Wonders of the World” prize with its 200 stone stakes 20 m high.

Belgrade and the Mona Plaza Hotel

Impossible to end your stay without stopping in Belgrade. This dynamic city now rooted in a modern economy will amaze you if you haven’t been there for a long time. Hotels, restaurants and cultural venues will welcome you warmly. We had a crush on the Mona Plaza Hotel, very modern and recently opened. Its rooftop in preparation will offer you a 360° view of Belgrade and its gourmet bar, the Shonda, will seduce you with its unique decoration (it was created in a former chocolate factory). A must !


We owe this great discovery to the association “J’aime la France”, Belgrade, which works to bring Serbia and France closer together. Its president, Slajana Novakovic, successfully carries out actions aimed at stimulating meetings between businessmen of the two countries.

Ms NovakovicPresident of the association “J’aime la France”. “I LOVE FRANCE “Ms Sladjana Novakovic +381 64 33 94 187

Hotel Izvor – Misarska 2b, 34300 Arandelovac +38134700400

Hotel Fontana Casa Dusana 2 – 36210 Vrnjacka Banja +38136200069

Radan Hotel – Kosovska 38 – 18430 Kursumlija +381278388111

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