Hi, here’s an update on my face, which was unintentionally battered by a beauty treatment. I don’t want to withhold this update from you, because unfortunately it all still has a tail. And it really can happen to anyone. Are you reading along?

What happened to my face?

In case you missed it: I had a facial treatment about 3 weeks ago that didn’t end well. After an intensive treatment, they finally put a too high percentage of vitamin C on my face, with a type of vitamin C that can apparently cause irritation. After this I had an allergic reaction in which my face was swollen and red for a week. That continued in a subcutaneous inflammation. Not all very nice so… See here for the whole story.

How are you now?

Fortunately, my skin is now much better. Given the circumstances, because I still suffer from the inflammation and flakes. It also stings like crazy when I put my head on a pillow to go to sleep. I also have a chance of hyperpigmentation (ie a face full of dark spots) if I’m not careful. That is why I avoid the sun (so I go out as little as possible during the day), I hardly exercise (because that promotes inflammation again) and I avoid spicy food for the same reason. Oh yes, there is also hypopigmentation lurking. Those are white spots on your face. Unfortunately, I now see these appearing here and there, so that will certainly be a point of attention for the future. So not very nice at all!

My current skincare routine

Well, you probably understand that I am currently no longer busy with my anti-wrinkle routine. Because the products that I normally use (glycolic acid, retinol, vitamin C, etc.) are now much too intense and can actually damage the skin even more. Above all, it should not contain acids, perfume and other aggressive substances. In fact, I am already reacting to harmless products such as Aloe Vera cream and olive oil… So it is super difficult to apply something and my skin is becoming drier and weaker by the day. Luckily, I’ve found a few products that are ultra-gentle and focused on pure skin recovery. I’ll list them for you, because then you know what to use if it happens to you unexpectedly. Note: always be critical when using these products yourself in case of emergency. After all, every skin is different and reacts differently. Also, always contact a doctor and ask for anti-histamines to lessen the reaction.

my best friends right now!

Hydra repair capsules Emergin-C

Good. Which products help me through this misery? Firstly, Hydra repair capsules from Emergin-C. It contains ceramides, vegetable oils and vitamins to restore balance and restore the skin. I currently use them every few days to prevent my skin from being over-stimulated.

Nexultra B Universkin

This is a skin restorer that is also used in hospitals after treatments. It is a soothing balm with peptides and omega 3. This cream helps to restore the upper layers of the skin. Note: I can’t have this mild restorer every day, so I use it every other day.

Sunscreen Made of, spf 30

Applying a sunscreen is also very important if something like this happens to you. But find a sunscreen that does not contain aggressive substances and is also hypoallergenic. Fortunately, I found a good brand: “Made of”. It is the only product that my skin can endure every day at the moment. It is intended for fragile baby skins, but also suitable for battered adult skins 😉 . Based on (non-nano) zinc with added cocoa butter, argan oil and raspberry.


Unfortunately, I am still a bit sweet with this situation. And I’m pretty excited about that. But on the other hand, if this is the worst thing that will ever happen to me, then it’s not that bad. In a few weeks I will give another update and then it will probably be a lot better. PS: it’s really great that you sympathize so much and thanks for all the sweet messages! before…. you know now. Don’t just put everything on your face!


Want to hear “live” and see how my skin is doing? Then check out this video.

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