What revolution for smart health ?

Technological advances for health have limits only our imagination. Connected smart health revolutions are now an integral part of our daily lives. When will the connected cigarette indistinctly reduce our consumption until it stops? When will the robot be able to choose in a database the best cure for a disease according to the symptoms?

More generally, all connected smart health device are there to protect us and simplify our lives. By doing things for us, they release us from many sources of stress.Whether for our security (connected camera), for the energy we consume (connected smart bulb), or to entertain us (connected TV) … But there is another area that connects, innovates constantly and concerns us all: connected health.

Smart health revolutions -Protect us from the invisible

Startups are many to engage in innovation by connected objects, we invite you to read our many interviews with them.

Nobody can see them, but we are surrounded by electromagnetic waves, that constantly emit all the electric sources: smartphone, television, lamp, and even a simple catch, without forgetting the WiFi, the LiFi (internet by the photons of light, explanations here), and the telephone waves.

To date, no study has been able to prove that the waves are harmful for humans. However, in 2016, WHO recognized electrosensitivity as a syndrome. Some people are forced to move to the countryside to avoid the waves. The most common consequence is migraine.

There are solutions

Belly Armor is a pioneering company in this field. Indeed, she offers on her website many anti-wave clothing, which she announces as effective. You can get more information on their presentation page.

What is surprising is that there are standards that require smartphone manufacturers not to exceed a certain degree of wave emission, for safety. But no one has waited to know possible long-term effects to launch the technological revolution that we know.

Some health tips
In the meantime, we can only advise you not to stick your smartphone to your ear. Because the absorption of waves by your body decreases exponentially as you move away from the source. Try to find a phone with a DAS (Specific Absorption Rate) less than 1 Watt / kg, because it is the telephone connection that exposes you the most! Come WiFi connections, then Bluetooth.

Connected objects such as connected watches, connected wristbands, or connected t-shirts work in Bluetooth. A short-range wireless connection, less powerful, and therefore less dangerous than telephone connections. Also remember to turn off your devices at night, and unplug your internet box. To help you unplug your devices easily, the connected plug is a good solution.

smart health innovations ehealth smart health revolutionsNo more heart problem

Could you imagine for a second that your heart is replaced by another, and find your 20 years? This is no longer utopian thanks to the artificial heart of the French company Carmat. The latter carries out tests more than promising, and hopes to offer us a fully functional technology in the long term for 2019.

Cancers? Never again

Nanotechnologies have emerged for a few years now, and benefit from investment by Europe of several billion! It must be said that the benefits are already enormous and today serve the tissues, the energy, and even the health!

Currently, oxide nanoparticles can accurately determine the location of a tumor, and make destruction by X-ray much more effective.

Another case more than encouraging; In 2013, a team of scientists created a microrobot made of bacteria and nanotechnologies, filled with drugs, which acts specifically on the mutated cell. The advantage is revolutionary: there would be no more side effect to chemotherapy!

We can also imagine robots that circulate constantly in our body, and who would be responsible for killing viruses and bacteria in record time and without medication.

More generally, all connected objects are there to protect us and simplify our lives. By doing things for us, they release us from many sources of stress.

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