smart health connected cap being developed by Google

A smart health connected cap is said to be being developed by Google. Google, or rather Alphabet, has filed a patent application for a screen that can be attached to a cap.

This smart health connected cap proves Google’s desire to integrate screens into our clothes or the products we wear. We cannot talk about this new project without immediately thinking of Google Glass smart health connected glasses. But with this patent, the idea is really to be able to position this device on existing products.

google patent connected cap

The technology consists of a frame, which attaches to the cap, and a glass screen. The glass screen is magnetically attached and can be moved to different positions to get the best viewing angle for better visibility and therefore better reading of the information displayed on the screen.

While the Italian eyewear manufacturer Luxottica confirmed to the Wall Street Journal, last April, having signed a partnership with Google and working on the Google Glass 2, Google is therefore working hard to get ahead of its competitors and in particular Samsung and Amazon which s are also interested in this technology.

google patent connected cap

Whether for individuals or professionals, Google promises us beautiful creations in the years to come! It remains to be seen when this technology will be released and in what form. One can easily imagine all the possibilities that a product of this kind offers; much more than a simple smart health connected cap!


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