Curious about the anti-wrinkle advice from real insiders? Check out this new section on Anti-Aging Secret, in which beauty experts share their best tips. This time it’s Sarah Piening’s turn. She is an expert in anti-aging treatments and works as much as possible with natural, effective brands such as Emerginc. I flattered on her treatment chair in her new salon in Amsterdam-West and questioned her during the treatment about her 5 best “slow-aging” tips. here we go

Saar, tell me, what’s your top 5 to slow down aging?

1. Relax

Stress promotes aging, Sarah says. When you are continuously carried away by the flow of negative thoughts, it literally immediately causes wrinkles on your face. In addition, your radiance hardens and you no longer radiate your youthful glow if you worry too often. Unfortunately, stress is lurking everywhere in our current busy lives. That is why it is important to relax regularly. So just put that phone away and let it (in your mind) take you to the beach or the forest and think/do things you did as a child. Go dancing or cook, whatever. Or take a facial, massage, bath or shower. Use fine (organic) products that really care for your skin and that smell and/or are nice (naturally). Do things that don’t matter “too much” and look at yourself from a distance. If you lead a healthy life, an occasional strong alcoholic evening with, for example, Eau de Vie is also wonderful to reset your thoughts. It’s about letting go and relaxing.

2. Meditation

Sarah: Meditation can also help you deal with stress. By meditating, you can better deal with stressful situations. For me, meditating means observing the flow of my thoughts rather than getting carried away with it. People still say to me sometimes; “I can’t meditate because I can’t stop thinking.” But that has nothing to do with it. It’s just about creating a moment of rest for yourself and observing what’s going on in your head. That creates peace and overview.

3. Skincare

Take good care of your skin. Around the age of thirty, vitamin C becomes indispensable together with proper eye care, so if you are over 40, this is definitely a must. You can also achieve great effects for slightly mature skin with retinol/vitamin A. My favorite product is of course Emerginc, which I also use in my salon. I literally benefited enormously from this because I had very difficult and sensitive skin, says Saar. The products that I find work the best are the Vitamin C serum and the retinol mask, both from EmerginC. This mask immediately goes to work due to the irritation that the acid causes. A clear and soft skin is the result, so also fantastic before going to a party. If you take care of your skin in the right way, it pays off because you keep your skin in optimal condition. 70% of your own skin improvement has to do with your skin care at home. Use cosmeceuticals for this, products that act on the deeper layers of the skin. The use of a good cleaning set should not be underestimated either. For example, it makes no sense to use a micellar water from a “non” cosmeceutical. Then the serum or cream that you use afterwards cannot do its job optimally.

4. Connective tissue massage

Also, get a connective tissue massage regularly, Sarah says. As a result, massage of the connective tissue in the face strongly stimulates the production of collagen. Furthermore, with this firm massage technique, the blood circulation is stimulated and the skin is better able to absorb nutrients. The result is healthier, firmer skin with a healthy color. That is why it is also called a gym for your face. Poor blood circulation can cause adhesions, wrinkles and/or acne. Because then the cell walls are not able to absorb the right nutrients and remove waste products. You often have the best effect when you do a course of six to twelve treatments in a short period. You can then maintain this by regularly adding it to your facial treatment, about every 6 to 8 weeks.

5. Eat healthy

Cook yourself a healthy meal regularly. This not only gives satisfaction at the time of cooking, but also to take good care of yourself inside. What you put in your mouth largely determines how you look. Also try a vegan recipe! Not because you have to go vegan right away, but simply because it tastes good and makes your skin and body really happy in the long run. Instead of the brief feeling of satisfaction when you eat chocolate, for example.

Thank you so much Saar, for these great tips to keep the most beautiful version of yourself. Do you want more personal advice for your skin or relaxation? Then pay a visit to her salon at 128 Oostzaanstraat in Amsterdam. PS: Saar also came up with a delicious slow aging soup with lentils for us. I will publish the recipe soon. So stay tuned!

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