skin care that really does something for you

skin care that really does something for you

Looking for the ‘holy grale’ in facial care? Then cosmeceuticals are probably something for you. But what exactly do these care products do for you? And how do they differ from “normal” creams and serums? Read on for all the ins and outs.

What are cosmeceuticals?

First let me explain what cosmeceuticals are, if you don’t already know this. These are care products that are somewhere between beauty care and medicines. These are products that on the one hand are available without a prescription, but on the other hand really do something for the skin. They act on the deeper layers in the skin, with the effect of optimizing the skin functions. For example, think of products with (a derivative of) Vitamin A acid, which you can use to fight wrinkles. Or a vitamin C serum, which stimulates collagen production and helps against the effects of the sun. Cosmeceuticals go further where ordinary creams stop using the latest technologies.

Cosmeceuticals really do something for your skin

I am a big fan of this form of care and improvement of your skin. Because I believe that you should only put things on your face if they really do something for you. Look, it’s nice if your cream smells nice, but that’s not the point. A (good) cosmeceutical is all about substances that have been scientifically proven to do something for your skin, not whether the product has a cozy pastel color that goes so well with the packaging.

Which cosmeceuticals do I use myself?

I once started with only Environ and over the years other cosmeceutical brands have also conquered a place on my sink. I love trying new promising brands after I subject them to a very precise ingredient screening. I always try to find the best working variant, with the least harmful substances in it. After all, the skin is the largest organ of the body and all the substances you apply to it will end up in your body.

Good cosmeceutical brands

A brand that I have been using for some time is Dermaceutic, which has a very extensive product line. I use this include an eye cream and Retinol. Furthermore, I have recently become a big fan of the French brand Novexpert. They have been able to manufacture natural cosmeceutical products without harmful substances using special technologies. And recently the American cosmeceutical EmerginC crossed my path. They carefully make products in which (stable) Vitamin C plays a major role. For example, see my review about their vitamin C serum.

But there are also many other brands that make cosmeceuticals. This branch of care is growing enormously. Just be careful: the term ‘cosmeceutical’ is not protected. By way of speech, any manufacturer can just put this claim on its packaging. So always remain critical.

Points of sale cosmeceuticals

Have you become curious and do you also want to try a cosmeceutical? See below for my favorite addresses where you can go for advice about brands I use.

Dermaceutic – Van Rosmalen Clinic, Wijnhaven 10A Rotterdam, 010-3411625

Novexpert – Ici Paris. See their site for the various locations.

EmerginC – Beauty Conscious, Kromme Mijdrechtstraat 100 Amsterdam, 06-36111580

environment – Pure SB Cosmetics, Van Hoytemastraat 102, The Hague, 070-3248844


Would you like to read more about products that can significantly slow down skin aging? Then see the ‘creams and serums’ section, in which I write about products that I support. If you are looking for more rigorous measures, know that Anti-Aging Secret also often publishes articles about cosmetic treatments such as Botox and fillers.

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