Doctor Jetkse Ultee is a celebrity in the field of skin care. How nice is it that I was allowed to ask her a number of questions about getting and keeping beautiful skin. Today she tells Anti-Aging Secret what a good grooming ritual looks like. And which ingredients, according to her, are indispensable? Read on for the advice of this skin expert!

Skin care according to Jetske Ultee

The importance of good cleaning

For the daily care of the skin, I myself use a 5-step plan (read my blog about this: in 5 steps to beautiful skin). That starts with mild cleaning. This is actually the first important step for everyone to beautiful skin. Sebum, dead skin cells and dirt build up during the day. Not cleaning properly will leave your skin looking dull and uneven. The risk of irregularities also increases.


Opt for products with gentle ingredients that won’t dry out or irritate the skin. The use of a good cream, with sufficient moisturizing and protective ingredients, should not be missing in your daily beauty routine. Vitamins C, E and niacinamide are among my favorite ingredients. These active substances have a proven antioxidant effect. They protect the skin, among other things, against harmful free radicals that arise, for example, after exposure to the sun or smoking, but also environmental pollution. In addition, these substances help improve the skin.

What else can you do?

From your thirties, it is also good to exfoliate regularly. Then your skin will have more trouble getting rid of dead skin cells. Choose an exfoliant based on, for example, salicylic acid or glycolic acid. (Prefer not to use scrubs for your face; these can damage the skin and only make it more restless.) Don’t forget to protect your skin as much as possible with a sunscreen. That remains the best remedy against the development of new wrinkles.


Dr Jetske Ultee

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