Skin care and homeopathy

Skin care and homeopathy

The homeopathic anti-aging treatment of the skin, mucous membranes and appendages includes some important medicines to know and almost always indicated in advancing age. Indeed, they act on skin lesions and skin problems found almost constantly in aging.

The great remedies


to prevent or slow the appearance of seborrhoeic warts, fissures and other common skin manifestations at the mucocutaneous junction; cracks bleed easily.


luetic diathesis characterized at the cutaneous level by a tendency to dig and ulcerate with difficult healing


cutaneous xerosis, periorificial involvement, on a terrain characteristic of the type sensitive to Sepia (chilled, adores heat and violent physical exercise, desire for acidity and spices, aversion to milk, dark circles around the eyes, ptosis of the pelvic organs, etc.).


thick patchy lesions with thick scaling

Other homeopathic remedies for aging skin

FAGOPYRUM: itching without cause on cutaneous xerosis

DOLICHOS PRURIENS: pruritus in the elderly, especially if constipation

CALCAREA FLUORICA, these last three drugs act on capillaries and vessels that have become a little “sluggish” with age

THALLIUM ACETICUM acts on hair loss

ANANTHERUM acts on the solidity of the nails.

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