Silk Hats & Silk Lined Baseball Caps – Anti-Aging

Silk Hats & Silk Lined Baseball Caps – Anti-Aging

Silk-lined hats have been around in the West for several decades. They were primarily available for women and were marketed as ideal for reducing frizzy hair due to the friction-free nature of silk.

Everyone who suffers from hair loss also benefits from this friction-free property. Most people in this position will be familiar with waking up with hair on the pillow and seeing their hair lining wool or cotton hats as they take them off. The friction-free nature of a silk-lined hat prevents this and prevents breakage of weaker hair, just as a silk pillowcase does at night.

Silk production originated in China, where the secret of its production has been a closely guarded secret for centuries. The richest and most powerful in China wore silk dresses and slept in silk linens. This love of silk was not only an expression of wealth, but also reflected an early understanding of silk’s anti-aging properties.

The ancient Chinese believed that sleeping on silk prevented wrinkling and that unlike other fibers, silk did not pull hair overnight, reducing hair fall in people with thinning hair.

Interestingly, modern research has now shown that silk is not only friction-free, but it can also cling to the keratin of our skin and hair (1). As a result, it forms a protective film on the hair that helps keep hair healthy and strong.

In addition to reducing frizzy hair and promoting hair loss, silk-lined caps can also benefit a variety of other scalp conditions

Silk is antibacterial and antifungal and reduces sweat odor (2).

Wearing silk can also benefit people with skin conditions. Several scientific studies have shown that silk can be useful in preventing and controlling atopic dermatitis and eczema (3,4,5).

There are several reasons to choose a silk lined hat. Whatever your reason, make sure the lining is real silk. Many synthetic substitutes are currently passed off as silk and it is very difficult for the untrained eye to tell the difference. Unfortunately, your scalp will not know and utilize all the benefits of real silk. Look for mulberry silk that is at least 19 momme if you want the hat to last, as thinner silk can wear out quickly.

Watch out for those White lotus silk lined cap. It’s a modern baseball cap in a range of stylish colors. Importantly, despite the high quality, it doesn’t come with any labels or markings to suggest it’s different from other caps in case you don’t want your friends to know you’re worried about your hair and scalp.

Silk is a sustainable and renewable resource that can be of great benefit to your hair and scalp. Why not try it out today?

White lotus silk cap


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