Do you already know the real state of your skin condition? As you may have read, a while ago I had a skin photo taken with the Reveal device. However, the result was not good: I turned out to have suffered quite a bit of sun damage during the (great by the way !!!!) period that I worked as a student in the south of France. The photos under the skin clearly showed (upcoming) pigmentation spots and redness in my face. That’s the ‘nice’ thing about a skin photo: on the surface not much seems to be going on (yet), but underneath it all kinds of things can be going on. With such a skin photo you can map this well.

envrion clarifyingSo my skin picture was quite a bit shocking. Fortunately, I did not have to mourn the results for too long, because there appear to be all kinds of creams against pigmentation spots and redness. The beautician provided me with 2 special products from Environ, which are perfect for scaling up your skin condition; the Clarifying lotion (with vitamin B3) and the accompanying C-Boost Clarifying cream (with vitamins C and E).

Lately I have therefore diligently (twice a day) started to lubricate with these miracle cures. First you need to apply the lotion to your cleansed skin and then the cream. Your normal care products can then be applied last.

reveal 2Of course I was eagerly looking forward to my next photo shoot and recently the time had finally come. And eureka, it turns out that it already looks a lot better under the skin! Left is before I started using the Clarifying products and right is after. In the right photo, the dark spots are much less visible, especially on my chin, cheeks and forehead. In the photo on the right it is therefore clearly visible that the pigment has become more even and has decreased in strength. How nice! This also applies to the redness in my face, as shown by other special skin photos. In short, the objective photos show that my skin has improved a lot after using the Clarifying line. But even without the skin photos, I see in the mirror that my complexion is more radiant and my skin has a beautiful glow. In short, I am a fan of these special products!

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