Sewan, Leavy, Toucan Toco … The fundraisers of the week


Sewan raised 75 M €

Sewan provides telecom solutions and cloud services to businesses.

  • Sector: Telecommunications

  • Investor: Kartesia

Leavy raised € 12.2m

Leavy pays those who make a property available for a short stay and the community that helps travelers.

  • Sector: Leisure, Tourism

  • Investors: Prime Venture, business angels

Toucan Toco raised € 8 million

Toucan Toco has developed a data visualization platform.

  • Sector: Business Applications and Technologies

  • Investor: Balderton Capital

Forest Admin raised € 7 million

Forest Admin is developing a SaaS back-office platform to facilitate the administration of web applications.

Egerie raised € 4 million

Egerie publishes B2B software for managing corporate cyber security.

  • Sector: Security & Cybersecurity

  • Investor: ACE Management

Woô raised € 3 million

Woô develops a marketing support solution for brands by putting them in touch with influencers.

  • Sector: Marketing & Communication

  • Investor: Inter Invest Capital

Predictice raised € 2.5 million

Predictice operates a B2B legal information search and analysis engine.

  • Sector: Administrative, Legal, Accounting

  • Investors: Swen Capital Partners, Matmut Innovation, BNP Paribas, business angels

Moodwork raised € 2 million

Moodwork develops a solution to improve the quality of life of employees at work.

  • Sector: HR, Education

  • Investors: Newfund, business angels

Virgil raised € 2.1 million

Virgil offers future buyers a capital contribution solution in exchange for the co-ownership of the property purchased.

  • Sector: Real Estate, Construction

  • Investors: Alven Capital, LocalGlobe, Kima Ventures, business angels

Invibes Advertising raised € 2 million

Invibes Advertising is developing a non-intrusive advertising solution integrated into media content.

  • Sector: Marketing & Communication

  • Investor: Generis Capital Partners

Acklio raised € 2 million

Acklio offers a solution for deploying and securing smart health connected objects.

  • Sector: Security & Cybersecurity

  • Investors: Innovacom, Starquest, Crédit Agricole Île-et-Vilaine Expansion

Murfy raised € 2 million

Murfy offers a repair service and troubleshooting major appliances.

  • Sector: Real Estate, Construction

  • Investors: Invest & business angels

La Ruche raised € 1m

La Ruche develops a support network for social entrepreneurs.

  • Sector: Social and solidarity economy

  • Investors: Banque des Territoires, Esfin Gestion, France Active Investissement


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