SAMSUNG 43-inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series – 4K UHD HDR Smart TV with Alexa Built-in (UN43TU8000FXZA, 2020 Model) By Innovative smart health home item for gift

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  • Brand Name: SAMSUNG
  • Item Weight: 25.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 37.9 x 7.6 x 24.7 inches
  • Color Name: Black
  • Specification Met: Energy Star
  • Speaker Type: Built-In


Experience your favorite movies and shows on a vibrant, stunning 4K UHD screen, using the Universal Guide to surf smoothly and select content. Everything you watch is automatically upscale into 4K for stunningly vivid color and detail.

User reviews

Pros: - The picture quality is quite good, but nothing that will blow you away. - The thin frame looks nice.Cons: - The TV does not get very bright and it's quite reflective, so it's not good for daytime watching. - The smart interface software is so bad that it crashes and freezes on a daily basis. - The voice control for the remote doesn't even work as you would expect it would, for example: inputting searches on AppleTV do not work with the Voice input. - The remote has no backlight and the buttons have no distinguishing features and a few of the buttons are completely useless. For example: there's no button for the TV settings, in order to get to the TV Settings you just hit the Home Button and then Click Left SIX TIMES, passing an advertisement every single time, yet I have some completely useless multi-color input button and an ambient mode button, both of which I'll never use. - The advertisements that pop up when you hit the home button are permanent. That is so annoying, why did I PAY to see advertisements every single time I use my TV? - The inputs on the back are impossible to use if you wall mount the TV unless you remove the TV from the wall, even for the USB inputs, one of the HDMI ports even points towards the wall so I can't even plug anything into it unless I buy a 90 degree HDMI cable.Honestly, I did not expect a TV designed in 2020 to be anywhere near this bad. By far the worst "Con" is the smart interface crashing, freezing and updating on a regular basis. I'm really hoping this is only due to the fact that this is a brand new TV, but even if that's fixed I would still only be rating this TV as maybe a 3/5. As it stands however, I'm seriously considering returning this thing because it's so frustrating.
Got it yesterday set it up last night setup was pretty easy. I was a little wary of a couple of things, the details on amazon weren't really clear on whether there was Samsung tv plus and also if the T.V. was YouTube TV app capable. The answer to both questions is yes, they are both available when I looked through the apps during initial setup I couldn't find Youtube T.V. app, but after I was done with the setup and was surfing through the Samsung tv plus channel lineup I decided to check in all apps went to search type in "YOUTUBE TV" and bam, there it was downloaded it (which was pretty quick all things considered like internet speeds slowing done due to the "epidemic"). I was able to get Alexa all setup except tried to use the drop-in feature from my cell phone at work today to talk to my wife at home but wouldn't work. Not sure what's wrong but I Have spent the last 3 years buying 1 tv per room in my home In my son's room I have a 40 in. Samsung 4k 2018 model, In the living room a 2019 model Samsung 55in. I think its NU7200 model number, and now this year this tv for my wife and I's room. I will post some pics later I love the new remote its a lot slimmer than the previous kind and seems to load up apps when you turn it on pretty quick and was nice I setup my commute to work and was able to just ask Alexa on the remote how long might drive would be and best way to get there and it got me to work in half the time it usually takes me!! I will keep this updated with anything good or BAD in the future.
The specs on this are confusing because this Amazon page does not correspond to the specs on other websites. For instance it says 60 fps here but 120 fps elsewhere. After research the 55" and larger are 120 fps, the smaller are 60 fps. Also it notes 2 HDMI here and 3 elsewhere. I believe this is also to do with the size of the television you bought but not sure. Even when viewing a 55" or larger tv the compare feature here is still showing for their smaller versions.This has lead to a lot of "I didn't know this was 60 fps when I bought it but I can't tell" because it is actually 120 if 55" or larger.Hope this helps, look up the stats elsewhere.Besides this the tv is great, the colors are amazing compared to a normal tv but the RU8000 has a deeper color palette. Basically this is the economy version of the RU8000 but performs very well. It does very well, maybe even the best in it's class for 4k. The input lag is very low so this could be used for gaming very easily. The gaming mode actually scores better than the movie picture mode in most reviews. The initial settings will need to be tweaked to run this at it's full potential. Just look up online the best setting than your good to go. After being optimized this tv scored a 9.0 for 4k TV's, pre-optimized settings it scored a 7.9

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