ROMY Paris unveils a revolutionary skincare formulator at CES 2018

CES 2018 – Monday January 8 – ROMY Paris presented an innovative skincare formulator, which in a few seconds offers fresh skincare and above all customizable according to the user. A small revolution in the world of cosmetics.

ROMY Paris made a big splash at this year's Las Vegas show. The French start-up unveiled, this Monday, January 8, a product smart health connected and original cosmetics which transforms your bathroom into a real high-end make-up and care laboratory.

Cold extraction technology for preservative-free cosmetics

What if we used cold extraction technology to create cosmeticsyears conservative and more respectful of your skin? This is the great idea that Romy Paris revealed to the public at CES in Las Vegas. Thanks to the FPS (Fresh Percussion System), the cosmetic formulator from the company “made in France” offers active, undenatured and fresh products ready to be applied. Preserved in capsules, we obtain, for each skin sensitivity, a care specific to each user.

A smart health connected application attentive to customer needs

romy paris connected application

Which is a little magic with this product is its ability to anticipate and prescribe the perfect formula of body care without asking you anything. How? 'Or' What ? In analyzing in real time data relating to your environment and your activities. Everything goes there, climate, sleep time, pollution, sport. The formulator learns from you to deliver the perfect combination of assets your skin needs at all times.

ROMY Paris: Finally a secure and private smart health smart health connected object

cold capsule

ROMY Paris understood the concern over the security of smart health connected objects. Indeed, everything that the formulator learns from you about your state of health is scrupulously secure and private. No personal data will be made public. To make sure, the company called on many specialists experts on the subject. In addition, professional and demanding dermatologists participated in the product development process to ensure the compliance with the required cosmetic standards.

A smaller, but more efficient formulator

After the success of the first of its kind, FIGURE, this new formulator has been redesigned in terms of design, it is half the size, but also in terms of noise. Very discretly, it has a real small pocket laboratory that will easily find its place in any bathroom. Add to this that this new generation of smart health connected cosmetics now includes a multi-user mode. This time, the device will not just analyze the needs of one person, but the whole family.

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